Assalamu Alaikum, Hello and Welcome…


Assalamu Alaikum, Hello and Welcome…

 This blog is to record all the exciting projects I and my daughter undertake as we travel down the homeschooling path. My reasons for homeschooling are many. However, there is one reason in particular: to attain the pleasure of the One who gifted me with a child to nurture, educate and raise for His Sake Alone.

 Whether you are muslim or non-muslim, I hope that you will benefit from this blog. It will be updated regularly, with pictures, step-by-step guides and my planning (God willing).

Although I have been homeschooling on and off for the past year, we have begun our first six week term of homeschooling which took me hours and days to prepare. However, the thorough planning and endless cutting out (on my part), has been well worth it. We are enjoying the journey and hope that it is one that will lead us to many other journeys as mother and daughter and servants of God.

 It is my hope that this small endeavour is accounted for as one of my good deeds and that as a result, my Lord is pleased with me, and my daughter and future children (God willing) understand their true purpose in life.

 So without furtherado…welcome and enjoy…

Umm Raiyaan 


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  1. As salaamu alaykum,

    Seems you are off to a great start, masha Allah. I think many will find your planning post helpful. I am a compulsive planner (I think I overplan) and over the years I have kind of stopped planning as much as I used to because inevitably, for us, I never really stuck to the plans (after all that hard word). I do agree that planning is important, but can you throw in some tips for sticking to those plans? smile.

    We were going through a lull in our homeschooling recently and I knew that the undoing was not being prepared and not being organized. When we “did school” I was always looking for this book and that paper while the kids were waiting and their attention would wander. Masha Allah I have organized our “school” area and can find things easier and although I have loose plans, they are better than just winging it. As the saying goes, “fail to plan, plan to fail.” I think that and what you are saying is true.

    Keep blogging away, look forward to more posts, insha Allah.

  2. Walaikum Assalam Dear Sister,

    If this is the sister that runs one of my favourite sites…’’ then I must say that it is you that I need tips from! 😉

    For me, although passionate about homeschooling, I have felt ‘off’ when I have previously homeschooled my daughter as there was no routine, no real objectives being achieved. But since all the planning and actually sticking to it – we are enjoying the process as well as her learning far more effectively. Alhamdulillah.

    As for tips for sticking to the planning, I could only think of the following:

    – Firstly, supplication to our Lord of the Worlds. As with any endeavour in life, teaching our children cannot and will not be a success without the guidance of our Creator.

    – Secondly, like you said, one needs to arrange their homeschooling area. The children need to know where their pencil case is, their glue. You need to divide all your resources into categories – maths, reading, writing etc.

    – Thirdly, determination. For every person on the face of this earth, if there is something they want badly or believe is so worthwhile, they will do everything in their capability to get that thing or undertake that action. For me, I needed to view homeschooling in this way in order to be determined in regards to planning, sticking to it and really thinking about why I have chosen this educational route in the first place.

    Don’t know if this helps all those who find it difficult to stick to their planning, for me, it has worked.

    Umm Raiyaan

  3. Na’am, ’tis I. smile. And I think those are excellent tips for obtaining “stick-to-itiveness.” I think they hit the nail on the head.

    You are right, if there is something that you want so badly you will do anything to attempt to get it. I don’t think its that I am not determined, (but Allah knows best) but my problem is that I become distracted so easily thinking there’s a better way, a better resource to use. But as you enumerated, relying on Allah, seeking his help (more, for me) is probably the number one remedy. (and then staying off the computer, lol).

    I also need better time management skills. Its often a zoo around here as I am homeschooling six of eight kids and adjusting to everyone’s moods and whims (including mine) is a challenge for me. When I’m ready to go, this one’s not in the mood, when I’m working with this one, that one wants my undivided attention. I try to schedule what everyone should be doing at any given point in time during that day, but that always falls through.

    Although homeschooling is one of my top priorities, it usually takes precedence over everything else during the day, maybe in reality, I haven’t gotten to that point of determination that I need to succeed.

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