This week…


Here are a few activities during our lessons that we did this week:


Although there are so many alphabet friezes to buy or print out there, we made our own. My decision behind this is that I find that my daughter learns a concept better when she has had an input in making a resource to do with it. So, for preparation, I folded 13 pieces of card in half, drew a line down the crease with a marker. And that was it! When it came to our lesson, we sat at her little table. I explained to her that we were going to make ALL the letters really pretty (for boys you could use another word ;)) and we were going to stick them all up on her wall to use during ‘school’. I allowed her to choose the arts and crafts materials she wanted to decorate the letters with. She chose glue, glitter and stickers. I began by writing the upper and lower case letters and asked her what letter it was, and what sound it make as I wrote the letters down. I then passed it to her to decorate. She loved it and was so proud when it was all put up on her wall. Since placing it on her wall, we have used it to test her phonic memory of the letters, to test her knowledge of the letter names, to sing the alphabet. She has a special wand made out of strips of tissue paper that she uses when I ask her to find letter ssss. We will be using this regularly insha’Allah and it was simply great fun to make together.


The tree with apples was a definite must to make. For preparation, I cut out a large trunk from an A3 size of sugar paper and printed the same apple ten times on card (I found the image in google images). In our lesson, I showed her that different colours can be mixed together to make other colours – she couldn’t believe her eyes! After allowing her to mix green and red to make brown, we painted the tree together. I let her paint over the lines as I could still see the shape that I needed to cut out. After allowing it to dry, we then took turns in painting the apples green and red. I found it easier to allow her to paint the apples going over the lines and then cutting them out afterwards. Once dried, we stuck the trunk and apples on the wall. I will be using this tree a lot insha’Allah. Some of my ideas for my apple tree are as follows:

Counting and sorting the apples

Explaining addition and subtraction by the apples ‘falling’ off the tree.

Making a ‘Allah Loves…’ tree. Whenever my daughter does something like obeying her parents, returning te salaam, memorising a new surah, it will go on the apple. Once she has completed all ten apples, she will be rewarded with something special.

Once we have done the above with our ‘tree’, I will then laminate the apples and stick magnets to the back of them and the tree, and we will do some lessons on magnets together inshaAllah.


This next activity – my daughter enjoyed very much. Children seem to love the computer and my daughter is no exception. So, when I cut out large bold letters from sugar paper and told her we were going to print pictures of things beginning with that letter from the computer, she was a very happy little muslimah! The choice of pictures were completely up to her. After printing them out, I cut around them – she glued the back and stuck them onto the large letter. I then wrote down the word for each picture and displayed it on her wall. We will only be making two of these a week until we finish the alphabet.  I think I need more wall space….  !!!!!


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  1. Assalamu aleikum and Eid Mubarak dear sister,

    Your blog is great, mashaAllah and I (and other parents) will benefit a great deal from it ,inshaAllah.

    Although my son still belongs to the category of new-born babies, I’ve been already thinking about home-schooling him in future, inshaAllah. I hope this early planning does not make me a tedious, overambicious mother : ) As soon as he was born I started searching the internet for resourses but failed to find good ones, especially resourses reflecting the needs of muslim children. Can you recommend some books, websites etc. which can guide homeschooling parents?

    Jazakallah khairan for your decision to share your experience with us. Please, keep up the good work and update us on your progress inshaAllah.

    Umm Abdul Kareem

  2. Walaikum Assalam Sis,

    Jzk for your kind comments. As to good books that I can recommend, I can only suggest books that I have read myself. For me, my inspiration was The Well Trained Mind. This is a definite must by. I also think that speaking to other homeschooling mums might help. I found that my own reasons for homeschooling was my greatest guide. I will insha’Allah compile a list of websites that I use frequently and also some other books I have nipped into. Hope this helps for now insha’Allah.

    Do take care,
    Umm Raiyaan

  3. Assalaamu ‘alaikum dear sis.

    It’s great to see you blossoming on this wonderful journey to school your princess, mashaa`Allaah.

    You could also have a ‘Qur`aan tree’ for her sooraat – now that’s something I’m gonna implement with Jundee inshaa`Allaah. Your tree looks fab!

  4. Walaikum Assalam Sis,

    Awww…jzk. Are you still homeschooling or taken the school path? Will definitely make that ‘Qu’ran tree’ insha’Allah. She would love that. Wish my tree did look fab, just merely brown paint on sugar paper, but it does the job…alhamdulillah. I have seen some trees out there that some mummies have made – 3D and very effective.

    Take care sis,
    Umm Raiyaan

  5. As Salaamu alayki sis this is wonderful love the idea of doing your own thing even though there is a market full of things to buy.. It shows much creativity and I like that even though you new you could go out and buy it showing that you choose to make your own is wonderful idea and saves on money too but it also shows someone like me how is not so creative at least I do not think so lol some say i am lol but what it shows me is that no you do not need to run out to the store in buy it just make it your self LOL great work keep it up may allah ta alaa reward you ameen salaams

  6. Salam Sister

    I love the idea of your multi-purpose tree, its wonderful Mashaallah. I think Iman would really enjoy learning in this way Inshallah.

    Jazaki Allahou Khayran for sharing these valuable ideas and may Allah give you and all the Muslim mothers the strength to take/carry on this path.

    Lots of love and du3as
    Um Ali

  7. Assalamu Alaikum Sisters: The Homeschoolin Ummi and Um Ali,

    Jzk for your kind comments. May Allah (Swt) give me the strength, courage and patience to continue on this journey. Ameen. Please continue to make dua for us.

    Umm Raiyaan

    p.s. You all have the capabilities of being creative – just start brainstorming ideas…

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