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All little ones love glitter! My daughter gets so excited when she sees her glitter tubes ready for her to use on the table. It is great fun but can also be very messy, which shouldn’t matter when it comes to schooling our children.

Before becoming a mother, I used to be extremely particular about mess, and to some extent I still am. However, I have learnt that children tend to learn when they are free to stick, glue and cut as they please without a manic adult watching over their every move.

Anyway, this is an idea that we have implemented and I think I will insha’Allah continue with the other letters in the sets as per the foundation curriculum. Very easy to make: cut shapes of objects that begin with a letter. So, for example TREE begins with a T, a STAR begins with an S etc. Once you have cut out the desired object, get a thick paintbrush, dip it in PVA glue and spread it over a foam letter shape (I got all my numbers and letters in a neat pack for £1 from the good ol’ £1 shop). After spreading the glue on the shape, print it onto the object cut out of card in different places, and then use different coloured glitter and sprinkle over the glue. Shake off the excess and let it dry. Simple! The objectives of this activity is to emphasise the idea that everything begins with a letter and to stress what objects begin with what letter. And here are a few my daughter and I made earlier…



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