Math…a different way!


A few other activities we have been getting up to this week:


Very similar to our glitter objects, except this time with numbers and with paint. Similar procedure: I cut out the numbers out of card and then set up the paint and the paint brush. Daughter paints the back of the numbers and then prints, prints, prints. We sometimes sing some number nursery rhymes as she completes the number of the day.


This picture was made out of different coloured felt, shiny paper and stickers. I drew the outline of the masjid, taking care to use different shapes and symmetry as this is what I wanted to teach her. I used a ruler as it was then easy to cut out the shapes from the felt and the shiny paper afterwards. So, once I had drawn the entire picture on the piece of paper, I then drew and cut out all the shapes – rectangles, ovals, semi-circles etc. When we came to do this activity in Maths, it was very nice to see that my daughter could figure out that all the pieces fit somewhere on the picture. She picked up piece by piece placed it over the picture to see if it was meant for that part of the picture, once she was sure she took out her beloved pritt stick, stuck the back and carefully placed it over the shape on the piece of paper. She felt very happy when ‘her’ masjid was finished. During this whole process, I taught her the names of shapes she did not know as well as the concept of symmetry. Alhamdulillah – one fascinated almost 3 1/2 year old!


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