A few other ideas…


The first idea is again simple to make and fun to do. I simply used my daughter’s coloured markers and wrote the upper and lower case letters on 26 seperate pieces of paper. I then laminated each A4 piece of paper. What I tend to do with these resources is the following:

1. Either allow my daughter to trace the letter with her finger.

2. Mix the letters up and ask her what the letters are. Or alternatively, use my alphabet frieze and ask her to find the corresponding letter on the cards.

3. With the letter / phonic we are learning that day, I produce the card. My daughter places the card on the floor and then we race around the house finding objects that begin with that letter. My daughter squeals with laughter each time. She runs around the house to each room looking for objects that begin with that letter. She then brings them to the living room floor and places them on the laminated card/mat. Who would have thought you could have mixed a sports lesson and a reading lesson in a home environment!


So, in this case my daughter produced keys for ‘k’, two cups for ‘c’, a gate  for ‘g’ and olive oil and an orange for ‘o’!


For each number that my daughter is learning, we always do our potato numbers (see my other post) or a number buddy from dltk-teach.com. I print out the number buddy in colour, cut out all the pieces, lay them out with a fresh piece of card and my daughter makes her number buddy by sticking all the pieces together. Here are Mr Number 1 and Mr Number 2. She tells me their life stories as she makes them. And I must say they lead very interesting pious muslim lives…masha’Allah!

The link is: http://www.dltk-teach.com/numbers/index.html Go to ‘Number buddies’ and click on the number buddy you would like to make! 🙂


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