How on earth do you make writing fun?!



A dear friend of mine who is a teacher advised me that the only way my daughter will learn to write, is simply to practice. Practice practice practice! Now, alhamdulillah I have a daughter who in a strange way, absolutely loves writing practice and penmanship. is a site that I am indebted to for keeping my little one busy for hours on end, drawing lines and circles and lines and circles!

 However, I have found a way to make writing fun. It is simple and cheap! Whenever I teach my daughter how to write a new letter or number, I show her either on the whiteboard or on paper. She then writes over the letter from her WH Smith card (see my post called ‘A Reading lesson in detail’). We then do the fun bit. I have a tray which I fill with one of the following mediums: paint, shaving foam, rice, sand. We then roll up our sleeves and write the letter with our fingers. It normally ends with a nose that is green or a mini-foam fight (!), but it is so much fun. Above is an ‘i’ that my daughter and I prepared earlier. A very simple idea – but seems to be effective with my little one.


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