What about sports? Welcome Wing Chun…


 Whilst our homeschooling timetable is quite full: reading, maths, writing, Islam/Arabic, science, art…a sister kindly pointed out to me ‘What about sports?’ So, aside from riding the bike in the park, I really needed to think about some ways in which my daughter could exercise. We used to go swimming at an early evening session arranged by a Muslim Association. However, they close during the winter season.

 So, I then found out about Wing Chun…a form of martial arts which teaches self-defence and discipline. What is excellent about these classes is that the class is run by a brother and sister. My daughter has had been to two sessions so far and she is sooo in to it. At the age of almost 3 and a half, she is the youngest in the class but is enthusiastic and is picking up the steps very quickly…masha’Allah.

 The classes take place in North London and cost £20 for the month. We purchased her martial arts outfit yesterday and she felt so proud to be dressed like the rest of the children in the class. She has already expressed her desire to have a different coloured belt. The children are graded and receive the next coloured belt as they progress. Do check out their site. I really want my daughter to do a lot of extra curricular activities before she reaches the stage of being balig.



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