Maths: Numbers and chocolate?!


As a part of our number recognition and counting lessons, we did something that was a huge success! Alhamdulillah!

 Firstly, we made numbers 1 to 5 using playdough. My daughter rolled and I cut and then we swapped, I rolled and she cut. We made the numbers out of different coloured playdough and placed them on the table. To test her, I would make number 1 and then ask her what number I needed to make next. She got it right, alhamdulillah. After making the numbers, I gave her a ball of yellow playdough and asked her to stick tiny balls on each number: so 1 yellow ball on number 1, 2 yellow balls on number 2 etc etc.


After this, we took 5 plastic cups from the kitchen and a bag of honeycomb balls covered in chocolate (yummy!) I placed a cup next to each number and asked her to place the chocolate balls in each cup according to the number next to the cup. She did it successfully, masha’Allah and then smiled a cheeky smile which literally said: ‘Okay, let’s eat them now!’ Which she (and I) did! Here is a picture of the chocolate balls in the cups before we devoured them (!):



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