Just can’t get enough of chocolate…Presenting: ‘Science and chocolate’


As if numbers and chocolate wasn’t enough, we did a very late science lesson at 7pm on Monday evening. My excuse is that I am almost 8 months pregnant – so bring on the lessons involving anything ‘sweet’ that is edible…of course!

So, what did we do? We made chocolate swirls. Yummy! Daughter and I cut some baking sheet paper and placed it in a baking tray and then emptied two packets of white and milk chocolate chips into two separate containers.


I boiled some water in a pan and explained what ‘boiling’ was. I then placed each container into the pan and daughter mixed the chocolate chips until they melted. We then had a very interesting lesson on solids and liquids and melting! Once both sets of chocolate chips had melted, we spooned 6 of each onto the baking sheet paper  and then swirled the opposite colour into each one. The tray was then placed in the fridge so that they would harden. After 45 minutes, we took them out, peeled them off the baking sheet paper and my daughter was fascinated that they were hard – which of course led us onto ‘freezing, and liquids to solids’. She was so excited! When her father walked in from the masjid, she exclaimed: ‘Abi – we made chocolates that were soft, but they’re hard now!’ So, alhamdulillah she understood what I was trying to teach her.


The best part of the whole experience was ‘licking the bowl’. It was actually our first ‘licking the bowl’ moment together as mother and daughter! *sigh* 😉

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