Sand Numbers



I know you can buy montessori sand paper numbers…but we made our own and it isn’t with sand paper. All you need is card, glue and sand and a paintbrush.

Daughter painted the numbers I cut out with glue and a paintbrush. She then spread sand all over them. We shook off the excess and let it dry.

Why would I waste my time doing this looong option? I could have easily just cut out sand paper and stuck it on card! I do believe that children learn better when they really get their hands stuck in and it is also messy and fun. Our children need to enjoy learning, getting messy and really getting dirty. If the early ages are not the times to do this, then I think we have failed as homeschooling mothers. There will come a time when our children will be too ‘old’ to want to do things like this. Let them enjoy it whilst they deem it to be fun. They grow so fast…


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