Are there toilets in Jannah?!


We had a one-week break last week from our ‘planned’ homeschooling. It was a nice week, alhamdulillah. A busy one – as there were quite a few things I had been invited to and had to get done, but overall a nice week. I used the week to plan the next 5 weeks of homeschooling, we normally do a 6 week block, but I’ll be giving birth insha’Allah. So, Saturday was our first day of our new block and we started it off with Islamic Studies and Art. We created a masterpiece of bubble painting – it was actually quite fun, but my daughter got tired of doing it after a while. I find that she is much more interested in writing and reading then crafts and drawing etc. I find it quite strange and slightly panicked on Saturday night that she is turning into a bit of a nerd. However, I spoke to a dear sister about my concerns and she made me feel reassured that reading and writing ARE her interests and that there is nothing wrong with that.

Yesterday, we did quite a bit of school. An hour of Islamic Studies, an hour of literacy, an hour of numeracy and a science /arts and crafts project which my husband made with her. Naturally 😉  it was a complete disaster, the actual model didn’t work and the floor ended up being covered with tin foil, to which they then made a foil football and played football – typical! I think next time, I’ll just stick to homeschooling and he can stick to bringing in the ‘dough’!

So, anyway, yesterday we did our Islamic Studies lesson. I have decided to follow my dear sister’s Islamic studies plan for kindergarten stage – you can find it on We are focussing on the Aqeedah Unit this week and daughter is thoroughly enjoying it. (Jzk sis!) So, the topic we were studying was Allah being the creator of everything. My daughter then asked me ‘ Does Allah make bad people?’ I responded by saying that ‘Allah is the creator of everything, but that when Allah made people – they were all good, but then later on they became ‘bad’.’ She then asked me ‘What about Shaytaan? Because Shaytaan is dirty.’ I explained that he used to be good but then didn’t bow down to Adam (AS). She seemed to understand and exclaimed ‘ Shaytaan is definitely going to jahannam!’ – Which then led on to her favourite discussion – jannah and jahannam. Who will go there, what it will look like, who she would like to take with her, what she will ask Allah for etc etc. She then out of the blue asked me ‘Are there toilets in Jannah?!’ I couldn’t contain myself and burst out laughing. She could not see the funny side and was extremely serious, so I surpressed my laughter. ‘No, there are no toilets in Jannah as people will not need to do a wee wee’, I explained. Her eyebrows creased and she put her hands on her hips and said in an adult fashion ‘Ummi, but then if there are no toilets in jannah, I will do it in my kilota (knickers)!’ She shook her head (matter of factly) and carried on writing the word ‘Creator’ on her activity sheet. This incident made me realise that alhamdulillah she is still young, innocent and not as much of a nerd as I thought she was becoming. *phew*


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