Bare walls and Bob Books


Yesterday, we took down all of her work that was displayed on the bedroom wall and stuck it in two large scrapbooks. I also printed out pictures from the blog of activities we had conducted together and stuck them in as well. She helped me take them off the wall and stick them in and it reminded her of lessons we had done together. However, now her walls are bare and are screaming to be filled again. She is very proud of her two scrap books and wants to show any visitors when they come around. For me, it is a good way to organise displays and to keep work that she has put a lot of effort in and also allowing space for new 6 weeks blocks of ‘school’. I have planned for us to make a number daisy chain and will insha’Allah make it extra big to cover up all that white wall paint!

Bob books are great! I ordered them almost a year ago and my daughter read one all by herself yesterday, masha’Allah. The 6 weeks of literacy lessons have paid off as she is actually reading, alhamdulillah! It was a simple book. It reads:

Mat. Sam. Mat sat. Sam sat. Mat sat on Sam. Sam sat on Mat. Mat sat. Sam Sat. The End. I asked her to read it to her Abi to show him that she can actually do it. He couldn’t believe his eyes. His three and a half year old reading, mashaAllah. And he said something which really made me feel happy: ‘You’re doing a really good job.’ For me, 9 months pregnant, exhausted, recently attacked for homeschooling my daughter by another sister – it really made my evening. And indeed ALL praise is due to Allah (Swt).


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  1. Assalamu Alaikum Umm Rayyan! And thus begins your childs lifelong journey to seek knowledge and explore and understand the world. There is something extraordinarily momentous about the point at which your child begins to read because you know that you’ve set into motion a new skill that they will never lose and can only improve on insha Allah and that a whole world of knowledge will now begin to be available to them! Subhan Allah!

    Iqra bismi rabbikal Akram
    Alladhee ‘allama bil Qalam
    ‘Allamal insaana maa lam ya’lam!

    Read in the name of your Lord the Most Generous
    Who taught the use of the Pen
    Taught the Human Being that which he knew not.

    Re: Homeschooling/State schooling/Muslim schooling/Private schooling/unschooling etc.

    I think the key to success for all of us is not to be militant about any one particular way of schooling. I mean, there are definitely benefits and detriments to each way of educating our kids. I think I’ve lightened up since the days when it was just me and my eldest son…because I see that life is a rich array of experiences. If I expose my child to plenty of Halal experiences, different settings, different ways of learning, as long as I am there as the consistent educator, I believe he benefits.

    Sometimes homeschoolers too ‘attack’ or question people who send their children to school but I know homeschoolers get more stick generally.

    Everyone has a different situation, every child has different needs…I don’t think everyone should homeschool just as I don’t think everyone should send their children to school necessarily. But at least up to ‘school’ age, a mother should be around her kids as much as possible because they are at their most impressionable age.

    Just some of my thoughts.

    Fatima Barkatulla

  2. Here are some suggestions for good early reading books and readers for yourself and your blog readers:

    Ladybird’s Peter and Jane books.

    Jolly Phonics and the Jolly readers.

    Oxford Learning Tree: (My son’s school uses these and they’re great)

    The Cat in the Hat

    One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish

    Ladybird’s Read It Yourself Fairy Tales – the beginners level is so easy and kids feel they are reading a proper story!

    Find them on Amazon.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum Sisters,

    Jzk to you all for your kind messages. Please make dua for us that Allah (Swt) continues to bless our homeschooling journey. Take care,
    Umm Raiyaan

  4. I will also recommend the books list, made ny Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and John Taylor Gatto on the Kinza Academy website:

    Thousand Words in Arabic,
    Ayat Jamila
    Amr and the ants, Hilmy Learns About Creation, Islamic Manners,
    Quran Stories for Kids,
    Goodnight Stories from the Prophet,

    Btw, do you use in any way audio books?


    • Jzk for the list sis. Yes we sometimes borrow audio books from the library. My daughter really enjoys them.

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