I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything on my blog since late February. Shame on me! Apart from being extra busy at the beginning of March, my health hasn’t been too terrific. Alhamdulillah for everything.

Last week, spent the entire week contracting at night and suffering from bad period like pains during the day. The first time it happened, I was so excited as I thought baby was arriving – however…nothing…zilch! And basically, I am still in the same situation. Alhamdulillah, baby will appear when Allah (Swt) has decreed for him to do so. Meanwhile, I must learn to be patient and endure this small test. It literally has slowed me down. For those who know me, I never stop – homeschooling my daughter is actually the easiest of the things I do in my life. So, this week has been me resting and sitting and resting and sitting. And although I would love to zoom around as I usually do, I physically cannot! Definitely Allah preparing me for what is to come…

So, have been planning the next 12 weeks (in advance) of homeschooling. That way, when baby arrives and we all spend some quality time together, I can just get back into the swing of things (homeschooling) easily – insha’Allah.

A few sisters have been asking me how I get to manage homeschooling, dawah committments, family life and other ‘extras’ that I do. And it is quite simple – organization. Aside from the homeschooling timetable that I have, I live by timetables and absolutely everything goes in there – from cooking to ironing, surah kahf on a Friday to when I shower and when I give my daughter a bath! I know it might seem extra, but that is how I can get so much done and keep on top of everything. I really do recommend it to everyone. Just sit down one day, preferably when the children are sleeping and write down everything that you do in a week – don’t leave anything out! And organize your week. That way, when you wake up each day, you know what to do and when to do it. My life would just be so chaotic if I didn’t do this.

 Just a few things that might help for all those homeschooling mummies out there:

*   I tend to do a ‘Quick clean’ every morning. This includes, making the beds, washing any dishes, folding any dried clothes and a general tidy away. That way, when we are ready to start school, everything is tidy. I am a firm believer that one cannot concentrate if their environment is messy.

*   I cook for 2 days. I know some people enjoy cooking. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I used to be – but now I just don’t have the time. So, on a Sunday I sit down and plan what I am going to cook on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. With my weekly meals planned out, I then form my shopping list for the week. I do one big shop on a Monday. This is something new that I have implemented. I used to shop as I needed, but with a huge bump that does not permit me to power walk down the shopping aisles, I have had to limit shopping to one day. It has worked perfectly for me, as I am more free to concentrate on ‘school’ and other more important things.

*   I limit ironing to once a week and I tend to put a machine on when I need to.

*   With the homeschooling area, I tend to sort all drawers and shelves every two weeks, I need to do this more regularly I think. As everything is reachable by my daughter, she simply thrusts things back into drawers. Alhamdulillah, masha’Allah she is a tidy little girl – but often things go in the wrong drawer. So a quick sorting once a week would help – something I really need to start doing.

Aside from all of the above, I think what really helps is storage. Shelves galore! Boxes galore! And zipper files galore! That way, everything has a place. Would be interesting to know how you organize yourself… if you can or would like to, please comment on this thread with your own tips!


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  1. Assalaamu ‘alaikum ukhtee!

    It’s great to hear from you – been itching to call you, but held back ‘just in case’ the little baba had arrived.

    Organisation is SOOOOO important, it cannot be over emphasised. I will be trying to do a n entire week timetable inshaa`Allaah. I also have alot going on, and sometimes it drives me mad how things can go haywire – but then, what do you do about those ‘unplanned’ events. I like to help sisters whenever they need it, but it can turn my routine on its head, so to speak. Any tips?

    I’m also a zipper file and box hoader! We’ve got many, mashaa`Allaah. A box for paints, one for papers etc – but I really should sort out the ‘toy’ drawer which has more than just toys!

    Anyhow, looking forward to hearing from you. A hug and kiss for Raiyaan and yourself (and the bump too – need a massage?)

    ~ Umm J.

  2. Assalamualaykum,

    Nice to hear that! Because I believe in organizing too! I don’t really stick to the schedule which I really thing I need start do it now. But, I do had a routine which I follow every day like cleaning, tidying, laundry, ironing, cooking and etc.

    I’m also like to finish everything as soon as I wake up. That leave our homeschool to start around 10.30 am where everything done and everybody ready. Than we can all stick together with our lesson without disturbing.

    I’m also stuck with lots of unplanned event with guest around weekend and shopping during weekdays. But, I try to make sure our homeschool still there.

    We do need to sort thing and organize and I believe that’s keep us from going crazy. Which rarely happen to me , Alhamdulillah with organization, boundary and limitation.

    May Allah give us strength.

  3. assalamu alaikum wa rahamtullah,

    MashaAllah sister, your blog is so useful. I was so happy when I found it on one of those days when I felt weak and not able to go ahead and teach my child at home, however I know this is the best I can do for him. After reading what you have posted so far makes me feel that I have to strive and do it no matter how difficult I find it.
    Jazakallahu khayran
    umm ibrahim

  4. Walaikum Assalam to all three sisters, masha’Allah!

    Umm J – HEY, so you’re homeschooling again! Masha’Allah. As for those ‘unplanned events’, I really think we have to be wise. There are times when the reward is just too irresistible! And we need to chase after this opportunity to seek Allah’s pleasure, other times perhaps the greater reward lies in sticking to our schedule. Hope this makes sense insha’Allah. And please do come and give me a nice massage – uncomfortable all over!!

    Umm S – I absolutely love your blog. I was just telling my husband the other day, that you homeschool 4 children masha’Allah, and seem to cook great food every day for a football team! (Masha’Allah) How do you manage it? I really think you should start posting recipes on your blog!

    Umm I – Jzk for stopping by sister. I wish I could post more, but not very well at the moment. We all need to encourage each other insha’Allah. You can do it! You have to just ask Allah for help on those days when you feel that you can’t, don’t worry He will facilitate the rest. Pray it continues to be of benefit. Ameen.

    Umm Raiyaan

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