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  1. Salaam sister
    MashaAllah i really admire you especially how much you seem to get done in one day. I also have 2 children and have difficulty in giving my eldest 10minutes to go through some type of teaching. I think i need to reoragnise with some help from your blog regarding it inshaAllah. Also i was reading a lot of your other blog about hijrah to algeria.I cant seem to find it when i do a search on google. have you finished it? Would greatly appreciate it if you could display the link for me because i was gaining a lot of benefit from your words alhumdulilah.
    JazakhAllah khair

  2. As salaam alaikum ukhti,

    This is very good mashaAllah. I am about to begin homeschooling and although i am very nervous i am also very excited and cant wait to try out some of the ideas from your blog. Jazakillaahu khair

  3. Assalam u alaikum sis

    i m also a silent reader of ur blog:)

    n i learn a lot from u

    m a mother of a 20 month old girl
    n u r my first inspiration to do homeschooling

    can u plz tell me how to join IHSAN forum?

    i tried to install phBB , but i found it quite diffcult to install
    plz tell me the easy way

    moreover , plz give us a post of a preschool curriculum
    sometimes i wonder wht R learnt at the age of 20 months

    my daughter named Subhana has mashAllah learnt 10 -15 names of animals….she can recognize them

    plus she can recognize alif till seen
    and A till K
    numbers from 1- 10

    what else?
    i mean plz recall ur memories with R with us
    or pls tell us how r u going with baby Z now?

    JazkaAllah khair
    u r doing such a wonderful job…..mashAllah

    Umm e subhana

    • Ws wr wb

      You go to Scroll to the bottom. Click on ‘forum’ and follow the instructions inshaAllah. InshaAllah I hope to post more about what I do with Z soon. But if you click on age 2-3 that should give you some of the old posts of stuff I did with R when she was that age. Hope that helps inshaAllah.

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