I have been really really really tired this last week. Baby Z is not sleeping very well. We threw out his dummy and looks like I have become his dummy! May Allah give me lots and lots of sabr. Just broke down crying at 4am this morning because of the pure exhaustion…but life must continue eh! Alhamdulillah.

As for R, well we have taken it very easy this week. Last week I tidied and rearranged her room slightly so that she can use things that were at the back or corner of shelves. I think this should be done regularly, as children tend to pick the same things to play with/use which are easily accessible to them. So, all of her reading books were brought down to the living room and she now has her own two shelves in the living room. This has proven to be an excellent decision, alhamdulillah as she is reading much more and I am reading much more to her. I read on one sister’s blog that she reads to her children every day and that inspired me to do the same. Although I have been reading to her before, it was a very small book, but now I am reading books without pictures to her and she loves it (interrupts me every 2 minutes to ask me question or add her 2 pence worth – but loves it all the same!)

Alhamdulillah we have been focussing on her Qu’ran reading and memorisation and she has completed Surah Zalzalah and has begun Surah Bayyinah. She is also reading very small arabic words with the help of harakat of course. Alhamdulillah.

We also visited Regents Park during the week – they held a free fun day and she made a rabbit mask, a felt fish and bounced and jumped on bouncy castles and trampolines. And took a flower made out of balloons home with her – which burst on our way home. It was a lovely day masha’Allah and it was nice just chilling out with my kids, eating lunch on the grass on our own and talking. I did meet up with one homeschooling sister but she disappeared by the time I wanted to ask her to eat lunch with us.

Apart from this, I am planning our ramadan activities. I think I am going to concentrate on Qu’ran reading, hifz, reading in English and ramadan activities during ramadan. Everything else will be put on hold. I am a littleĀ stressed at the moment, as I am trying to organise my own ramadan timetable, R’s timetable as well as her timetable after Ramadan. Shall post more on this soon inshaAllah.


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  1. Assalamu alaikum sister:

    i know how is dont sleep well when we have a sick baby, afortunatly my baby has good health right now..

    I want to give you my congratulations for your web and tell us how your teach islam to your baby…

    Now sister tell me, how old has your baby and how many times you spend teach her or him islam and quran????

    my baby has 4 years, and when i came back to my work i tried to teach him but i feel so tired too, but my baby now knows a lot of duas and the last 3 surahs and al fatihah. But i try to teach him the firts 3 arabic words…

    pls give more ideas… yazakallah for your time

    wa salamu alaikum

    latifah umm hassan

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