Car Boot Sale!


Sometimes…just sometimes…you can find some wonderful things at car boot sales…for next to nothing…

All of these books which teach a child to read per letter cost…wait for it…a whopping £5!!

 This alphabet puzzle…£1 and in new excellent condition.

Also, I received these books free of charge…just had to pay for postage for one of the deliveries. They come from an online yahoo group for homeschooling families who want to get rid of stuff that other homeschooling families might make use of. I received this from a sister Fizz! May Allah reward you sis!

And finally, 10 books for £10 that my mother bought my daughter. Includes some of our favourites that we often borrow from the library. Daughter was so happy that we don’t have to ‘take them back’ anymore!


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  1. Please sister can you tell me the name of that yahoo group of homeschooling families you mentioned? P.S. I love your ideas for ramadan mashAllah 😉

  2. As Salaamu alayki

    We have that same book seris (A-Z plus more)mashaAllah. I do not remember how much it coast but I sure do know My kids LOVE THEM… There are other books apart of that series as well ill post them to my blog so all can have a look see LOL he he Keep on with the good work mashallah Happy homeschooling

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