Mosaic Madness


I have been making notes on how I am going to change my homeschooling method with my daughter. One of the ways is teaching her how to make her own choices and to be confident in making those choices. So, a couple of days ago she took out something that she had started weeks ago and like most things didn’t finish. I thought she would stick a few tiles and move on to something else, but she spent almost 2 and a 1/2 hours finishing this frame. And here is the finished product:

And then if that wasn’t enough…she started on a new one! A bit of ‘unschooling’…maybe…


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  1. Aslamualakum my you have been busy mashaallah i like the blessing tree and you wanted to quit? you are doing a great job sister may Allah make it pleasuable for you ameen. The car boot find is fantastic mashaallah.

  2. asselemalikum,
    sis could you tell me where i can find mosaic?
    i think itis a good idea to work this kind of craft mashalah


  3. As Salamualykum masha’Allaah some very nice things your making, we have also done the moon phase calender.
    As for the mosaic well we are not in the uk and don’t have access to some of the really nice and not too expensive things for arts and crafts! but alhumdullilah we manage to find all sorts of other stuff. for the mosaic i found cutting out little shapes from nice coloured card or material can be fun too. also 1 sister managed to find a bag full of little tiles someone had thrown out next to the trashcan! so we all our whole group used it on wooden frames.
    i have a little project in mind to make either a masjid/ house or village out of the air drying clay insha’Allaah. after seeing the model of madinah on sister Fatimahs blog i am hoping we culd maybe make that, with empty cartons and clay.

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