News Book Journal


An idea that a sister gave me was to start a news journal. This is a book with a piece of blank paper and a few lines underneath. I am in the process of making R’s news book journal. Every time we go out somewhere, I will ask her to draw a picture of her day and to tell me what she drew in her picture…which I will write down under her picture and maybe ask her to copy a few sentences. I will also use this book when I read her a new story. After reading the story, I will ask her to draw a picture of what the story was about and again ask her to tell me what she drew in her picture. A chance for copywork again.

I think this is a good way to test comprehension, copy work as well as stimulating her imagination.


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  1. salamu alaikum, nice blog. My son does something like this in his school. The only difference is this: He draws the picture and writes his own story about the picture. He isn’t expected to spell correctly just to sound things out which usually means he forgets a lot of vowels. He spelled kite with only the letters k and t.

    He’s only five and i think it’s a good thing for him while he learns how to read.

  2. Assalamu alaykum,
    we do this too! I bought the boys two small booklet with white paper. They will record in there anything exciting, funny, cool (as they say) and also sad, why not.
    They enjoyed so much those booklets that I decided to let them take it with them whenever we go.
    Good idea sis!Mash’Allah!

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