Gymanstics, ‘TIDY UP’ Activity!


This week has been a crazy busy week. Apart from normal chores, I am crazy busy with the upcoming dawah event I am involved in…see my other post ‘REVERT2REALITY…’ Do come along if you can…your entire ticket money will go to Gaza insha’Allah.

This week has seen the launch of R’s extra curricular activities! LOL So, what is she now doing? Gymnastics, back to Wing Chun, Qu’ran class with a sister, Pottery, Swimming and of course her Arabic Madrassa.

We attended gymanstics on Monday – it is a 45 minute session which she cried at the end of because she wanted MOOOOOOORE! I am glad she enjoyed it masha’Allah. The class takes place in quite a ‘well-to-do’ area of North London and all the mummies are trendy and middle-class. So, naturally I caused a bit of a stir when I walked in to the centre in jilbaab. They were all trying not to look but you could hear whispers. LOL I find this quite funny because I often think what would they say if I showed them a picture of me before I became a Muslim! LOL

Anyway, R loved the gymnastics and during her class one of the mothers began talking to me and she had and still is looking into homeed for her daughter! Who would have thought, eh?

I observed part of her class and then was kicked out! The initial warm was a game of ‘touch the colour’, in which the children had to run around the sports hall to touch the colour the instructor was calling out. Other children were following others and R seemed to touch a different part of the room (the same colour) but a different piece of apparatus than the rest of the class. I carried on watching her and although she had found something with the right colour, because all the children were touching something else with the same colour, she left her orginial choice and ran over to what they were touching. Now, you may be thinking – this is what children do. But to me it was a clear indication that home ed is the best for her. I want her to be an individual and not follow the mass.

Last Friday, we had a massive clearout at home and I sorted out all of her cupboards and toys. There was one box of toys that were all mixed up. So, I thought…an educational activity and the box will be sorted all in one go! Gave R the box and told her to sort all the toys into groups and that they must belong together. They do this sort of activity in school – mixed pile of coloured bricks into their separate colours, animals into sea animals and land animals. Anyway, before and after pictures:

I have also really been trying to pray dhur and asr with R. I let her do the adhaan (even though I keep saying that we don’t need to do the adhaan – because we don’t have abi praying with us) – but she insists on doing the adhaan and iqaamah. It really encourages her to pray and she often leads me, which I let her think she is doing. I really want to encourage her to pray as much as possible. Love for salah is something I really want for my children insha’Allah.


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  1. Assalamualaikum,
    Ukhti, I’m glad you didnt quit. Alhamdulillah. I was surprised that you took her to gymnastic class. I dont feel alone anymore. I too had the funny look and whisper on my hijab when I took my girls (6 and 5 yo) for a trial class. A lady actually asked me (to confirm?) if I am a muslim and if my girls are really mine or if I am just babysitting…lol
    Anyhow, I hesitated for a while before enrolling my girls due to the uniform. Eventhough my girls wear leotard that cover their entire legs and loose shirt, I was concern that they are exposed to alot of awrah showing. Can you share your two cents on this subject?
    JazakALLAH khair,

  2. Walaikum Assalam wr wb,

    Alhamdulillah, you’d be surprised how many sisters take their kids to gymnastics. The classes that my daughter attends are drop in classes – so all of the children wear trousers or leggings with a T-Shirt. If I enrol her on a full course then I would have to buy the leotard etc. To be honest sis, I don’t really like the leotard – tight fitting etc. I would probably try to stick to the leggings and T-shirt. But my daughter is at the age where she notices that she is different, so my dilemma would be how would I explain to her that she cannot dress like the others. She knows the difference between muslims and non-muslims – even between children but I really don’t want her to feel like the odd one out. I want her to be proud because of our differences and choices. What do you think sis?

  3. Please excuse me, what I thought was leotard is actually leggings. Yupe, that’s what my kids use for their class. Masha ALLAH we had a few rough days for my little one to adjust to everyone. After 3rd class, she’s fine. As far as differences between non muslim and muslims, to be honest sis, I realized that I can not hide that we ARE different, but I just kep telling them that it’s fine to be different, as long as we are following of ALLAH’s rules than nothing else matters. I explained to them whenever a conversation geared towards the subject that ALLAH made us the way we are and our job is to be thankful and perform our duty to gain jannah. That’s all. Sis, I gotta go now, but would love to chat
    With hugs,

  4. Some good sunnah sports for kids are :
    horse riding and archery, which I think is brilliant for girls also and not necessarily only for boys.

    • My daughter recently told me she wants to be a horserider when she gets older…but gosh horseriding is soooooooo expensive!

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