What have we been up to?


Did promise myself to update this blog as frequently as possible, but I have been soooooo busy!

What have we been up to?

READING – Dear daughter is reading so much now alhamdulillah. She has read most of her bob books (13 of them), so I think I need to get on to amazon.com and order box 2 which progresses to different phonetic blends of a higher level. Alhamdulillah, she really seems to be enjoying it too! She just goes and picks up one of her bob books and reads it to herself or her baby brother. I can see what other homeschooling mothers were saying, when they said that one day it just all comes together!

ARABIC – She is also learning to read Arabic and is using a different qaeedah now which our tajweed teacher advised us to use. She is reading three letter words which contain fatha, kasrah and dammah vowelled letters. I am trying to ensure that she at least does 15 minutes of this every day. She has also been practising writing her Arabic letters.

MEMORISATION – Alhamdulillah, she has now finished surah bayyinah and on to surah al qadr. My aim for her memorisation before she is 5 years old is to insha’Allah reach the target of juz amma. My husband and I really do want her to become hafidh of Qu’ran and so from the age of 5 insha’Allah, a lot of homeschooling time will be geared towards that. My husband has the aim for her to finish memorising the Qu’ran by the age of 7! I am not so sure if she will reach that at that age, but alhamdulillah I trust him as he is her teacher and has much experience with teaching children tajweed and hifdh (masha’Allah). Just worried that as it is his own daughter, that he will put too much pressure on her. But I place my trust in the Lord of the Worlds.

COLOURING – Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of colouring.

SOCIALISING – I have been out a lot lately. A dear sister is getting married, a lot of revert2reality stuff as well as meeting up with other homeschoolers. DD has really enjoyed mixing with the other homeschooled children and we are trying to make it a regular thing insha’Allah.

And at the moment that is it really. I have just received a catalogue that I placed an order for. The company is called Sweet Counter and it has given me great ideas for making resources suitable for what I am teaching her at the moment. So, watch this space for pictures!


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  1. assalamu alaikum

    mashAllah a really useful blog, i really enjoy reading it.

    I also had the same question as ‘Annon’. You mentioned in one of your previous posts that you used a 6 week programme/method to teach your daughter how to start reading? My son is nearly 3 years old. Is this a good age to use this method with him to encourage him to read?


  2. Umm Sulaiman/Umm R

    Please explain more about this ‘6 week programme/method’ that Umm R used to help R start reading?

    JazakAllahu Khyran

  3. salam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu:)
    mashallah love it:)
    about having R finish memorizing by age 7… thats my goal also and wallah i assure you sis its quite duable… with focus and regular repetition she can do it inshallah… we can all memorize the whole quran in just under 3 years if we really wanted but we’d have to focus and be consistent (its the consistent bit thats the hardest i find)… but with parents who love and care and are determined to help… our children should inshallah be hafidh and hafithas inshallah:)
    may Allah rewaard your efforts, guide and bless you in your endeavor and make being a wife and mother easy peasy inshallah.
    fi hubAllah

  4. Assalamu’alaikum

    dear sister!

    mashaAllah i think i have just sat here for the past hour reading every entry in the reading category!!
    Firstly, id like to say you are doing a great job, mashaAllah! I pray that Allah continues to give you the himma, you are a super woman by the sounds of it 🙂

    Im also interested in your 6 week reading programme, when should i start preparing resources as my son is only 19 months! Your method is tried and tested so I would be really interested to know.

    Look forward to hearing from you,
    Umm Muhammad x

    • Ws wr wb!

      Lol! You must be a fast reader mashaAllah! Jzk for your kind comments but trust me I am no super woman! lol Sorry sis, which 6 week reading programme are you talking about?


  5. Basically, id like to know how you taught R to read in just 6 weeks! MashaAllah.

    Ive been sifting through your archives, and I came across a detailed reading lesson plan. MashaAllah! (See you ARE superwoman!lol) What I wanted to know is, did you make lesson plans for 6 weeks??

    My son is 19months old, and at what age did you start with R? Should I start gathering/preparing resources and planning now while I have the time?

    If possible, can you provide a list of books/resources you used, and where to purchase them from.

    Jazakillah khayr.

    • I didn’t teach my daughter to read in 6 week sis. I think you were looking at the 6 week lesson plan. That was such a long time ago subhanAllah. Time does fly. The way I plan has evolved somewhat lol. If you look at the planning category on the right hand side, look at my latest planning post and that should show you how I now plan inshaAllah.

      I started teachng R when she was just over 2.5 years old. For reading, we used The Jolly Phonics Handbook, Bob Books, the Ruth Miskin set and a few other resources.

      I do think your son is very young, but it doesn’t hurt to start reading around and getting yourself prepared inshaAllah. Hope this helps inshaAllah. x

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