Reading, Pink and a Dinosaur!


Hubby and daughter went to Ikea recently and bought a new table for R. There were quite a few different colours and varieties, but guess what he came back with?


That’s right! A pink table! I am getting quite fed up with pink. As a homeschooler, I really did not want my daughter to feel that pink is what girls should like. But this is her favourite colour! So its pink this, pink that, pink this. *sigh* LOL

R was given a book called Smart Kids DINO IQ. Really interesting book with lots of facts about dinosaurs, a board game and glow in the dark bones that make a dinosaur. R hasn’t been well over the past few days and so didn’t go to Arabic School on Saturday. I had to go out on Saturday and so left her with her father. By the time I got back, this is what they had made:


They took a large piece of cardboard and sellotaped some paper onto the cardboard. They then took the glow in the dark bones and assembled them to make the dinosaur skeleton. After this, they drew around the skeleton and coloured it in. A mountain as a background was also drawn. And there you have it, in one quick afternoon, R was taught about skeletons! But the best part of it all was this:


The picture glowed and glowed in the dark – great effect! So, now I am in another predicament. Since my husband has spontaneously made this and the other jungle (see my post called jungle mania) it has really left me feeling that I should go back to work and he should do the homeschooling…NAH! I love it too much! 🙂


A few of you have sent messages to me on the blog about how I taught R to read at such a young age. Of course, all help comes from Allah, Lord of the Worlds. But this is what I did. From a very early age, I began teaching her the sounds of letters. I used jolly phonics for this. She coloured letters, we sang about the sounds, I would always test her. I started this when she was 2 years old. I then used jolly phonics and my own resources to teach her how to blend. I believe the way she learnt this was repetition. We would blend all the time – very simple words like, dog, cat, sat. I then focussed on high frequency words such as: in, on, the, and. The more you teach the blends and the words the more it sinks in and then one day it just all came together. Alhamdulillah. That really is it. I truly believe practise is the key- 10 to 15 mins every day can have wonderful effects. Hope this helps. If there are any further questions, please feel free to post on the blog.


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  1. JazakAllahu Khyran. That was very useful as my dd is 2 yrs 3mths and some home schoolers have advised that she is too young to start teaching the art of reading.

  2. salamaleicum i would like to say that i love your blogs,may Allah reward you.i would like to ask some advice a bit more in dd is 2 yrs and 2mnt and i am trying to give her arabic as 1st language so i keep on stressing her about the arabic alphabet but now i would like to move forward to reading a bit .i don’t really know from where to start!!!she looks so interested into books.immagine that recently we were travelling and as soon as she sat on the plane she open the inflight magazine,making the air hostess laugh.that was funny mashallah.barakallahufiki
    salamaleicum wa rahmatullah

  3. Assalaamu ‘alaikum sis! i’ve been reading through your blog, at the mo my daughter is having problems reading, and doesn’t enjoy sounding out the harder words she prefers guessing instead, would you be able to advise me on how to help her with this and also techniques with how to make it fun for older children? jzk A ws x

  4. Assalamualaykum dear sister,

    you know i have been keeping up with yr blog and mashaAllah it always make me feel so light hearted at the end of a tiring day =)

    May Allah grant u n yr family endless blessings.

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