Delivery Day


Don’t you just love deliveries?! Those brown cardboard boxes just waiting for you to rip them open. We received three today!!

Kind of breaking the bank at the moment and bought some resources for R.

Bought three books from Stimulus Learning. They are called ‘Take it to your seat Learning Centers’ – am so excited about these – more on that later insha’Allah in another post!

Subscribed to Nature Detectives and received their pack – so so so so exciting.

And also, received two items I ordered from Baker Ross – I love that website! – Oh what to be a child again!! LOL

So, this is what we received from Baker Ross and my daughter loved sewing her rabbit. Sewing is absolutely great for developing fine motor skills!


DD hasn’t been very well this past week so we spent a lot of time at home…alhamdulillah. A few days ago, I was in the kitchen cooking and she ran over to me and excitedly said “Come and see this ummi! Quick quick! The sky is sooo beautiful.” I left what I was doing and had to take a picture of how beautiful the sky looked. The pictures do not truly show how magnificent the sky looked that day. This one incident reminded me of something I learnt in a course that I went to. The sheikh was talking about the beauty of Allah’s creation and that as adults, we too must have this childlike amazement at Allah’s artistry. This incident reminded me of two things: How important it is to try to maintain that innocence within my children and How important it is for my heart to be touched by all that Allah has created…



Something else my daughter enjoyed, was using her stencils…filling the object with glue and shaking glitter all over it. Great fun and again good development of fine motor skills. Here is a star she started off with:



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