Take me to your seat Centers – FANTASTIC!


In my last post, I mentioned that we also received two books that I ordered from Stimulus Learning run by Sister Shukriye.

These books are just fantastic. Here are the three that we ordered:


The books come in different level from pre school to the higher grades (ages 11+). They come in different subjects: maths, reading, science etc.

Basically, the child (and the parent – depending on the age) makes the center and the child takes it whenever he/she wants and completes the tasks based on the instructions on the back. There is a task sheet that he/she completes based on the task.

The one that we made is a very basic one about nursery rhymes and doesn’t really show how fantastic these centers are. I saw a science center about the life of a plant which I will insha’Allah make soon with R. It shows all the parts of a plant and how it is made with activities based on the pieces. Anyway, here are the pics of the center we made:


Basically, in the book, the pages are ready to be torn out. You then, cut out all the relevant pieces and laminate them. You stick the front figure onto the front of a paper bag, and the instructions on to the back of the bag. All the pieces and task sheet go into the bag. The tags give the bag a nice look telling you what the activity is.

The child then takes the bag, turns it over and reads the instructions – performs the activity and fills in the task sheet which normally tests the knowledge of the activity he or she performs. All instructions (as shown in one of the pictures) tells you how to make the center and what to do with it. The bag can be easily stored and used again and again. I have had a look at this particular book in question and they have centers that for number recognition, writing practice, phonics.

The other two books do not use a bag to store the center but use file folders. What is good about this is that they can be used again and again, the task sheet can be photocopied for multiple use, they are easily stored and the next child can use the center.

Today, we also made a toilet roll craft. We have been storing all our used toilet rolls! I have like 20 (I think!). Here is what we made:



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  1. As salaamu alaikum
    Mashallah these books look fantastic i think i might pop over and order some, so a sister runs that website?
    Im picking up so many ideas from ur blog and i loved the dinosaur skeleton ur husband n daughter did.. do u know what book its from my son would love that hes really into dinosaurs..

  2. Walaikum Assalam wr wb

    The Dinosaur bones came from this book: Smart Kids DINO IQ by Priddy books.

    Hope that helps insha’Allah.
    Umm R x

  3. As-salaam alaikum ummraiyaan,

    What was the name of the site you ordered them from? I googled but did not find it.


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