Busy Few Days


This week has been quite a busy week. Alhamdulillah.

ARABIC: R is now reading 3 to 4 letter words in Arabic, makes some mistakes but alhamdulillah getting there. This is all in preparation for her reading Qu’ran in the future insha’Allah. Her writing has improved and she writes 3 to 4 letter words in Arabic.

MEMORISATION: She completed Surah Bayyinah and Surah Qadr and is beginning to memorise Surah Alaq.

DUA: We are working on the dua for travelling. It is quite a long one and she seems to be making a few mistakes so trying to make sure that we use it when in the car etc.

READING: We have been working on her reading and I am trying to make sure that she reads more words easily without sounding them out first. Getting there…

We have been working on other bits and pieces like writing, maths etc. But nothing too exciting to write about. BUT…

We have been working on a new lapbook. Here are some piccys…but I won’t reveal the whole thing until it is finished. But R loooooooooves it and really is learning a lot from it. Lets just say, when I found this lapbook on the internet I was so happy because it incorporates everything related to one of the goals I have for her for this year’s homeschooling.


PIC 1 & PIC 2: Numbers 1 to 20 on matchbooks were laid out in front of her. She then had pics of different items. She had to count the items and stick them on to the relevant matchbook. I left her to it and told her to call me once she had finished. What was funny was that the website that produced these printables made a few mistakes and duplicated some of the items. So for example, there were 8 bows and 8 cars. I thought that she might have got confused and placed it somewhere else, but she placed both pics on number 8!

PIC 3: We cut out all the pieces and secured the ‘number bubbles’ with a fastener. I then ask her to tell me what number comes before number 6 and what number comes after number 6. She flips the bubbles over and can tell me the number. Hopefully this will insha’Allah act as a number line for her and she can then answer these questions from memory.

PIC 4 & PIC 5: Writing practice for the numbers and their words and then a little book was made. (numbers 1 to 20)

We have been making a few of the ‘Take me to your seat centers’ and as a lot of cutting is involved, R wanted to do everything by herself. As these are resources that can be used again and again and with other children insha’Allah, I wanted to make sure that they are made really well, so I didn’t want her to cut anything. But I decided to work on her scissor practice so that eventually I can leave her to it. She has enjoyed these sheets and cutting along the lines:



I also spent a nice day with 3 sisters – 2 of which are homeschooling. We have decided to meet every week and do an activity with the children – there are 9 children between us…mashaAllah! The third sister is a good friend of mine and she has gave us invaluable tips – but more on that at a later date.


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