I hope this post is beneficial to those who take the root of some sort of planning for their homeschooling. I have received a few emails this week asking me how I plan, what my goals are etc. so I hope that this will help inshaAllah.

Firstly, this is something that I made yesterday for R. She liked it and it will help me teach the concept of ‘time’, the days, months and years in Arabic and English as well as focussing on the things we are learning on a weekly basis.


PIC 1 & PIC 2: I will fill in the board every day/week. In case you cannot see it clearly in the picture, at the top is: Yesterday was………….    Today is……………..       Tomorrow will be………………

Underneath is the Date…………        Month……………..     Year……………….

We then have DUA OF THE WEEK


Finally, Surah to memorise this week……….. and Today’s Timetable……………………….

R is always asking me what day it is, what tomorrow will be, whether she is going to be 5 tomorrow even though she has only just turned 4! She wonders when it will be October again because then she knows she will be 5! LOL Hopefully, the board will help sort out this confusion! I’m thinking of letting her fill in parts of the board on a daily basis. This will help her with her writing skills. I decided to write everything in Arabic and English as my dream is for her to be fluent in both with extra emphasis on what Islamic month it is and the virtues of that month. (This will help me too inshaAllah.)

Onto our timetable in detail…this is what I will be using for the next year or so insha’Allah if nothing drastic changes in our life!


Set Standard

1. Surah review and new surah

2. 2 pages of Qaeedah to learn how to read Qu’ran

3. Name of Allah – English and Arabic and what it means

4. Dua of the week

5. Read an Islamic book together and discuss the Islamic lessons within it.



1. Read a book of a higher level of vocabulary to her.

2. News book journal

3. Workbookactivities related to literacy

4. She practises her reading with the Oxford Read inc. series / Bob books



The above is our set standard. Every time we do ‘school’ we start off with the above set. I then divided the rest of the week as follows:

MONDAY: Set Standard

                Maths Sheets and Maths activity



TUESDAY: Set standard

                Writing sheets and Writing Activity

                Wing Chun


WEDNESDAY: Qu’ran class

                     Meeting with two other homeschooling mothers: we have pre-planned activities for our  children.


THURSDAY: Set standard

                  Science Activity

                  Baking / Art and Craft


FRIDAY: Set standard

             Maths sheets and Maths Activity


SATURDAY: Arabic and Qu’ran with her father


SUNDAY: Qu’ran


The ‘Set standard’ is what I described above. In relation to the parts that say: ‘ISLAMIC ACTIVITY’, ‘READING ACTIVITY’, ‘WRITING ACTIVITY’, ‘SCIENCE ACTIVITY’ and ‘MATHS ACTIVITY’ – this is what I have done:

I went through all the resources I have at home, internet sites I like, online games, and ideas and wrote them all down under each subject section. I was really amazed at how much we have and how we tend to use the same resources all the time with the other resources gathering dust! Once I finished my list for each subject, I divided the list into my objectives and goals for her learning. Now, when it comes to our schedule and it says READING ACTIVITY, I can look at the objective we are working towards and go through all the resources I have in however long it takes to teach her that concept. I see a few benefits in this: 1. All resources are used.   2. She has variety in her learning – which I think is important for young learners. If you use the same resource or even method of learning all the time – the child does get bored.   3. By having this variety, a rich environment for learning is created and I can then see what method or resource works best.

For example, one of my goals could be for her to learn how to tell the time. When it comes to Maths – I see that I have put down that we need to do Maths sheets and a Maths activity. The sheets I would pull out from workbooks or print off from the internet would be related to time and I could then look at my resource list and see that I have a book on time, a movable clock, a clock puzzle, a time game in Educationcity.com, a unit study and a lapbook on time. Each time we do maths, I would change the resource or method but it would still be related to the goal.

I used to put a 6 week period on how long I would work on a concept but now I am more flexible. It could take my daughter 1 week to learn how to tell the time and 2 months to learn how to subtract. I now believe that we must give our children this flexibility.

Oh, and I drew up a list for each subject and wrote down what I want my daughter to learn by the age of 5. These are my goals:


To learn how to read confidently and independently with ending punctuation.



Count to 100 from memory

Recognises numbers 1 to 100

Can notice patterns and continue the pattern

Tell the time

Add between 1-10

Subtract between 1 -10

Story problems and equations

Matches written numbers to objects



Write all letters – upper and lower case from memory

Write all numbers 1-100 from memory

Copies complete words and sentences

Beginning to write short sentences and paragraphs on her own.



The human body



Living and Non-Living Things



Juz Amma memorised

Most daily duas and adhkar memorised

Able to read Qu’ran independently

Able to read and write in Arabic

Tawheed – knowing it, understanding it and living by it

5 pillars of Islam in detail

6 pillars of Emaan in detail



Ride a bike without support wheels

Improves in Gymnastics

Improves in Wing Chun

Can swim independently



Learns how to sew (embroidery)

Can bake simple recipes with a little help from Ummi

Improves in her art work and craft making


And that is it – this may seem like a lot to some, but remember this is over the course of a year. In addition, my daily timetable may also seem to be a lot but some of the components of the set standard only takes 5 to 10 minutes.

On a lighter note and stepping away from the planning (!) I can’t believe I haven’t introduced an old member of our family on this blog. This morning, he was sleeping away outside on our balcony – the falling snow causing him to sleep ever more deeply. Take a peek but remember to be quiet…he’s hibernating. Sssssh…




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  1. Assalaamu `alaikum again,
    I noticed that you are doing Allah’s name of the week. Do you know about ad-duha’s story books with these in them? They are a great resource, and the stories for each name are beautiful and well-grounded in Quran/hadith….

  2. Salaam, interesting what you said about using resources. I also find myself using a few resources too much and others not enough. I need to make a deliberate effort to prevent this!

  3. As salaamu alaykum,

    I love the duaa of the week and Name of Allah of the week board idea. I had planned to do this, but I can never stick to it. This was a really informative post. I do the same thing as your “standards” (I just call them routines) and it really helps me stay on task and accomplish (better) so much more, masha Allah.

    I used to do more of the board type stuff but just kind of got off of it, so insha Allah this post is motivating me to try to pick it up again as I think its very beneficial. Only problem is my board is on the ground and right at the level of the hands of my 3 year old………….

  4. Assalamu alaikum sis,
    just wondered…r you still doing the board activity with R, how have you progressed in this a year later (if your still using it) and where did you take R to learn wing chun?

    • Ws wr wb

      We have a mini version of the board now, and alhamdulillah it has worked for us. Although the workboxes methos seems to be taking over.

      R learned Wing Chun in Stamford Hill which is in North East London. If you google them and click on the North East Headquaters (or something like that) a telephone number should come up for more info inshaAllah. If we were still living in North London, I don’t think I would have stopped. It really was a great class.

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