Islamic Studies


As per our timetable (see my other post Timetable, A Board and Sssssh), we read an Islamic book and discussed it as well as doing an Islamic Activity.

The Islamic Book we read was:


I do love this book and when I bought it, it came with a large poster of the water cycle. What I love about this book is that it teaches Science and Islam in one. Here are a few pages from the book:

dsc00210dsc00209dsc00211 I allowed R to choose which Islamic book she wanted to read and she chose this one. It was the perfect choice masha’Allah as it tied in with our ‘Name of Allah of the week’ – Ar Rahman. So we discussed water being a mercy from Allah.

For our Islamic Activity, R completed a couple of pages from this book:


It is a great book for young readers and the concepts are easy to learn. Here are a few pages she completed:


Another resource for the ‘Islamic Activity’ part of our schedule was this fantastic CD rom that we bought for R last Eid. It truly is an excellent one, masha’Allah and does not have any music, faces etc.


At first, when I explored the CD – I thought I had spent my money unwisely. But soon realised that there are so many ‘hidden’ activities within this one CD rom that there is so much for your child to do, play with, learn etc. For example, there is a masjid which the child enters. Within the masjid, the child clicks on a picture which leads on to a game or activity. It is absolutely brilliant. A hajj game, learning surahs, stories about the prophets and much more. Here are a few pics (hope they come out okay as they were taken from the PC):



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  1. Assalamualikum

    JZK again.

    You mentioned a good Arts & Crafts book in one of your post. I can’t find this post. Would you mind putting the link to this post or posting the name and author of this book again. JZK

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