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This week, I haven’t been very well. Last week, I pretty much stuck to our timetable, but this week, I just couldn’t stick to it due to being sick. But, alhamdulillah that doesn’t mean home ed has stopped there. Although my timetable is geared towards my ‘goals’ for her for this year, she still learns through other methods. Here are some activities we have been doing:


 This is from a colouring books called ‘My Colouring Book of Salah’. This was the first double page of colouring and I just thought it was brilliant! It has 5 pictures of a house and its surroundings. Next to each picture is the salah of the day and a caption asking the child to colour the sky and sun in particular colours according to the salah of the day, hence the time of day it is. R now understands that maghrib means when the sun goes down and the sky is ‘beautiful’ at that time (her words). I think this is something you can draw at home. Just copy the 5 pics and ask the child to colour in per the salah time.

A friend of mine who is also homeschooling told me about Origami. She and her children make one animal per night before they go to sleep with the aim of creating an animal theatre! Well, got R to try it and here is what she made – a sunflower and a swan with her duckling:


The website is:

We also worked a little bit more on her lapbook. Any idea what it could be on yet? :p

PIC 1 and PIC 2: Crayons with numbers as words, as digits and as dots. Matching them up – Numbers 1 to 20.

PIC 3: Counting – counting the items on each picture, finding the relevant number, writing it out and sticking it on.


Yesterday, we went to our local library and returned all of our library books and picked up at least 10 library books (and I was forced to read all 10 books when we arrived home!) We also dropped in at our local playgroup (trying to make the most of it before she turns 5 and then they don’t allow her in anymore) and this is what she made – gave me ideas of similar things to do with her at home:


In the playgroup, R found other children to play with – slightly younger than her but she enjoyed being ‘ummi’ with them. Doesn’t it scare you when your children pretend to be you – you really see your flaws! Anyway, she was playing with some little girls and then walked over to me with her fingers in her ears. She looked really upset and said to me: “Ummi, Astaghfiru’Allah.. they said birthday!” The lady I was talking to looked at me and then at R with pity in her eyes. I explained that we don’t celebrate birthdays. R doesn’t understand what a birthday is but later asked me if she could have one. I asked her what she thought it was and she said a cake. So I told her we can make and eat cakes whenever we like. The questions are starting…. (!)

An idea that the playgroup gave me was ‘dressing up’. R thinks she is a princess and every day sings to herself in Arabic that she is Amira (princess in Arabic). She found a princess dress in the playgroup and wore it the whole time we were there. So, at home, I took all her dresses out (she doesn’t have many and they aren’t fancy!) and her bangles that were a gift and put them all into a box. Now she can play dress up at home. She loves it! I really need to implement more ‘play’ activities into our schedule.

Today, I went shopping and whilst we were in one of the aisles in Tesco, a lady dropped a packet of something and didn’t pick it up. R ran over to it and picked it up and placed it onto the shelf. I asked her why she had done it and she looked up at me and said ” I was being merciful.” LOL I couldn’t believe that the simple lessons we have been working on in relation to the Names of Allah (Swt) has sunk in. And she is constantly reminded of this name/attribute of Allah because it is on our board in the living room every day. Now, she makes references to rahma and mercy and being merciful quite a lot! Our name this week is ‘ Al Malik – The King/Master’. I would really recommend doing this with your children. It is really working wonders with R, masha’Allah. 

R has memorised the dua for travelling, and on our board, we now have the dua to say after it rains. Every day, she wakes up, opens the curtains and looks to see if it has rained. So far- nothing, but it is December so I’m sure we will be using it very soon insha’Allah. She has 3 ayats left of surah Alaq to memorise and then Surah Teen. She can see that she doesn’t have much left to finish Juz Amma (I know that there is still quite a bit to go) and has asked me about the party I mentioned if she finishes it. Children do not forget! I have asked her why it is that ummi and abi are always pushing her to memorise all the time. And she responded by saying, ‘So that when I finish memorising the whole Qu’ran I can put a crown on your head’ (This is in relation to a hadeeth about the child hafith who crowns his/her parents on the Day of Judgment). She carried on saying that ‘I still want the party though’. This is something that I posted about in the yahoo group that I belong to, and I must say I received some interesting responses. I will be holding a small party for R insha’Allah if she finished memorising juz amma. Why? Because as servants of Allah (Swt) we too are also motivated to do actions for their reward. And there are rewards for things dunya wa akhirah. I will insha’Allah post up a response from a sister who explained this really beautifully masha’Allah which persuaded me to go ahead with my initial choice of the party. But more on that closer to the time IF she gets there!

To end this post, a sister who is also homeschooling sent me this link which I think many of you will insha’Allah find useful. It really is good for children who are getting to grips with their phonics:



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  1. Assalamu alaykum sister,

    i have a lil boy, im not yet h/schooling but its what i plan to do inshaAllah…i just wanted u 2 know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ur blog and enjoy seeing the different activities u do with ur daughter mashaAllah. It seems to me that u r VERY dedicated as ur posts always reflect so much of effort and love in them mashaAllaah. enjoy the journey of h/schooling and keep inspiring us as u do. Aabida, johannesburg, South Africa

    • Walaikum Assalam wr wb

      Masha’Allah. What a lovely comment. May Allah (Swt) bless you and your family. And wow! All the way from Johannesburg. One of my closest friends is from South African, descendants are German. But she lives here in the UK. Feel free to use any ideas for your own home ed. I pray that Allah (Swt) allows me to keep homeschooling and sharing. Ameen.

      Take care sis,
      Umm R x

  2. Asalamalaikum,
    Yes its me sis! Masha Allah love the ideas you are doing with your daughter, really liked the whiteboard with dua of the week e.t.c so simple yet effective. E-mail me insha Allah
    wa salam

    Umm Isa-Khalil

  3. Salaam alaikum sister, I just found your site – a link of a link of a link – etc LOL Iam just going to start teaching my son Hamood inshaAllah at home (he currently goes to secular “mother and me” preschool but they are involving catholic religion there and even though i was catholic at one time, it bugs me, as the school is not a private school, sigh). He will be 3 in january. Anyway inshaAllah I want to start teaching him at home. Any ideas or help you could give me would be sooooo wonderful inshaAllah, Jazak Allah khair, my email is I just dont know where to start. If you have the time sister, thankyou, if not, may Allah swt reward you anyway for teaching your own children so well mashaAllah, amin. ma salaam 🙂

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