Eid Ul Adha


Eid Mubarak All!

It is 8pm and I am exhausted! Last night, hubby and I decided to decorate the living room with balloons and decorations as a surprise for R. We all then awoke, made ghusl and left for the masjid. It is always nice praying the eid prayer, meeting all the muslims from different countries, mashaAllah.

Our masjid went all out this year and each child that entered the masjid left with an eid gift. The kids were sooo happy. We then came home, had a late breakfast and R walked into the living room. She couldn’t believe her eyes! LOL She loved all the shiny coloured decorations. Baby Z was very impressed as well. (Kicking his arms and legs about trying to grab balloons and streamers).

We then spent the rest of the afternoon with another family and both families took the kids out. It was a nice day, a tiring one but alhamdulillah an enjoyable one.

I’m too tired to write any more, plus want to post something on my other blog…so until next time insha’Allah. Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!


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  1. eid mubarak – never would have recognised you. have been to your blog before and not in my wildest dreams imagined you .D

    masha Allah, masha Allah, masha Allah!

    wa salaam

    • Okay, is it the month of old sisters that I knew, discovering that this is my blog! LOL. You are the second sister who seems to know me, but I can’t seem to remember who you are (just based on your email addy and a name). Come on sis, help me out here. 🙂 Who are you? And jzk for your comments!

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