New Units


We haven’t been keeping to our schedule this week because we are on ‘holiday’ – eid holiday that is. Well, a holiday for R, certainly not for me as I have been busy all week planning our new units for study which will insha’Allah be starting from this coming Monday! I have added a category section to the blog (see the sidebar). What I have decided to do is add the unit study that we are working on and all posts related to that unit will be stored in that particular category. This makes it easy for any of you who wish to use the unit for your own children or want to be able to easily access all related posts without having to go through the whole blog.

So, as you can see the new unit studies are:

Human Body (Science)

1-100 (Maths)

Writing from memory 1-100 (Writing)

Adam (AS) (Islamic Studies)

Reading will be kept in the category called Reading Lessons.

I have also updated my blog roll, so do visit all my favourite homeschooling blogs. I have also updated the sites I cannot homeschool without and will be updating one website to the list every time I post insha’Allah.

Also, now that I have updated the sidebar to include our categories, do feel free to click on one of the categories which will now easily bring up old posts! (Can’t believe I didn’t put this up earlier – sorry!)


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