Work on new units of study


This week was meant to be start of our new units of study that I mentioned in my previous post. We have done some work towards it, however not as much as I had planned due to the flu!

Anyway, here is some of what we have done…so far!


We began by re-reading the story of Adam (AS) and used the two following books. We also read about how Allah (Swt) made creation. After reading to her, I asked her comprehension type questions to test her understanding.


We then read from this book and R completed exercised found in the book based on the creation of Allah (Swt). I really like this book as it is a great book for young readers to read and practice their reading skills with particular words highlighted in red for emphasis . This is the grade 1 book, but there are 10 I believe per grade. I bought mine from Darus Salam in Walthamstow, London.

dsc00289dsc00290dsc00291dsc00292dsc00293dsc00294 I photocopied the worksheets from the book as I would like to be able to reuse the book for R’s baby brother and any future children insha’Allah.

We then moved on to some reading work. I bought these wonderful workbooks from Books Plus in Edgware Road. I do love that bookshop, they have some wonderful books for children (and not just Islamic ones!) What I like most about these workbooks is that my daughter loves them. It combines learning with sticker fun. In this lesson, she learnt the sh sound and read some words with ‘sh’ at the beginning of the word and ‘sh’ at the end of the word.


I try to read to R every day, and today she asked me to read this book to her which one of my friend’s bought her for Eid Ul Fitr. A good book, very informative, in easy language and great statistics about all types of reptiles! A good book to buy if you want to make a lapbook about reptiles or a particular type of reptile.



I try to allow for R to practice her reading every day, and masha’Allah she can read most of set 1 of her Bob Books. So, I ordered set 2 and she seems to be reading it nicely. I think we will have to move on to set 3 quickly, masha’Allah. I am so glad that I read The Well Trained Mind, because I found these titles in that wonderful book. I must re-read it again as I last read it when R was 2 1/2 years old. She is now 4 years old and a bit. Maybe we will start the Classical method of homeschooling…mmm….

Oh, and look at the last picture of the Bob books: in every book, there is a list of all words used within the book, including sight/tricky words.





Who remembers these? 🙂 I posted about these cards I bought from WH Smith ages ago. We are still using them. We really did get our money’s worth from these cards. They are wipe clean cards that teach number recognition and counting. We also have the letters as well. So, these are excellent in my goal of R learning how to write all numbers from 1 – 100 from memory. They have some interesting maths activities on the back of the card based on each number being taught.




And to finish, I popped into a local Woolworths (I cannot believe the entire chain of Woolworths is closing down – I remember shopping in Woolworths when I was a wee lass!) As they are trying to get rid of all of their remaining stock, everything is super cheap. I bought R this and she started using it straight away. She sat and worked on it for 1 and 1/2 hours, had a break and finished it this morning. We ironed it and hey presto:


 R ran up to hubby proud of her piece of work and he instantly made reference to it looking like the Star of David. But there is no connection. LOL


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  1. Assalamu alaykum
    Labas tahooran insh’Allah!
    I was thinking of you just today…guess what I went with the kids AGAIN, at the Science Museum and on our way we passed by the Natural History museum and who did I think of???
    The books look great! We use the Prophets series written by Zaman too, we have the full collection and it is so worth it!
    My 5 years old started to read properly just recently and it went up quickly from level 1 to 5, mash’Allah. We use the Oxford Learning Tree, it looks so similar to Bob Books. I like the common words at the end of each book and find it very useful to go over those words before and after reading each book.
    Jazak’Allahu kheir for sharing!

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