R completed one of her literacy workbooks and was quite happy when she arrived at the end to find a certificate stating that she knew all of her letters and sounds!

We then carried on with our work about Adam (AS) and discussed the creation of Allah (Swt) and watched this powerpoint.

R then worked on her hifdh and finished memorising Surah Duha. She then carried on learning how to read Qu’ran.

The sun was shining, so I decided to reward her for her completion of surah Duha and took her to the park. The sun clearly deceived me as it was FREEZING!

When we returned, we finished off with some education city. I really recommend this. We have been using it for the past couple of years and R really seems to learn and benefit from it a lot. It starts off from Nursery and goes all the way to Year 6 (I think). There is a free trial available to each family. I really would recommend trying it out. Do take a look if you can. She worked on her phonics and was very very happy with herself when the stars for each activity changed to a gold colour due to her 100% mark.

I’d like to apologise for the size of the pictures in my last post as pointed out by a few sisters. Previously, wordpress allowed readers to zoom in to the pictures, but it seems as though there are problems with that. So will be uploading larger sized photos insha’Allah.

Now, I don’t talk much about baby Z, it’s normally all about R. But baby Z is 10 months old now and says mama, baba and yaya (for his sister’s name!?!) Today, I made a particular sound and he looked at me and repeated the same sound. I did it again and he did it again and he kept repeating the sounds I was making. LOL. Mmm…maybe I need to start thinking about his own home ed timetable…just kidding. LOL Although his own home ed does cross my mind sometimes!


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