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Firstly, for ease of reference, I have added a new ‘page’ to the blog called ‘OUR TIMETABLE’. You can find it next to the Welcome and To subscribe pages.

Last week (I can’t remember which day!), I set out to complete a lot of work with R. I remember it was raining and so I thought lets get a lot done. We started off in the usual way with Qu’ran and Islamic Studies and then I gave her a few worksheets to complete, with the hope of moving on to a ‘super fun’ activity I had prepared. After three sheets, she wanted to do more. Three more sheets later, she wanted to carry on. I wanted to tell her to stop so that we could start with my activity. But, I bit my tongue and allowed her to carry on with what SHE was enjoying. So, since last week, R has completely finished off 3 workbooks from cover to cover! She has never done this before and I was quite surprised. But I let her do it. So, no activities but one happy little girl who was very proud to put her completed workbooks into her yearbook! (See my post ‘3 weeks without internet).  I am learning that we really do need to follow their flow sometimes. On that line, one night last week, I was putting R to bed and she was hidden underneath the duvet and was giggling. I asked her what she was doing and she exclaimed, “Ummi! I’m a caterpillar in its cocoon and when I wake up I’m going to turn into a butterfly!” So, what did I do the following morning? Switched on the computer, located a unit and lapbook on butterflys, ditched the timetable for a few days and started work on her interest in butterflies. We must follow our children’s interests!

Today, we started off with the dua for getting dressed – alhamdulillah she has memorised it and is using it everytime she dresses.

We reviewed Allah’s names from Ar-Rahman to Al-Qudoos and discussed their meanings and then went on to talk about Allah’s name As-Salaam.

We read the book: ‘Goodnight Storied from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)’ which I highly recommend. I paused a lot during this story to test her understanding and memorisation of the Prophet’s (saw) seerah.

We then spent quite a lot of time carrying on with our ADAM (AS) UNIT. This time, I used this book:


Iqra do a full Islamic Curriculum per grade level and separate the curriculum into four categories. History, Fiqh and Ibadah, Qu’ranic Studies and Seerah. I would really recommend these books and you don’t have to order them from the US. There is a distributor in Birmingham.

From the above book, we read the story of Adam (AS) again and I asked her questions. We then completed these sheets:



In the first picture, she drew things that Allah (Swt) created. In the second, she was asked to colour in the things that Allah (Swt) created. At the bottom of the page, it then asks the child to colour in the rest of the pictures, but she wouldn’t colour in the robots because ‘Allah didn’t create them’ (said in a very firm voice). In the third picture, it was a comprehension, writing and reading lesson all rolled into one!

Today, she also had a pottery class and got to use the wheel!



Now, I am a bit unsure about something. I have an interview on Wednesday for a new madrassa that is beginning in a local Islamic school. It is for 2 hours every evening Mon to Fri. They will teach dua, islamic studies, Qu’ranic meaning, hifdh, Qu’ran reading etc. But I am unsure whether I should put R in. I am really worried about other children from ‘State’ schools who might influence her in a bad way. But I thought it might be good for socialisation and reviewing what she already knows in her Islamic Studies, as I am assuming they will be covering some of what she has already learnt. What do you think? Please comment…


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  1. Assalamu ‘alaykum sis, Masha’Allaah sounds like your daughter had fun with her workbooks, it’s nice when they’re so eager like that.
    I’ve also got the Iqra books, masha’Allaah they’re very good, I intend to start using them again insha Allaah.

    I can understand your concern about whether to put your daughter into the islamic classes, my son goes to an islamic school but still picks up undesirable behaviour and is always coming home telling me so and so has done this and that. Insha Allaah, it will benefit her, and I’m sure she’ll love making some new friends, and if your there to keep an eye on her, will probably be more reassuring for yourself insha Allaah. Make istikhaarah sis.

    • Ws wr wb.
      Jzk for the advice sis. The thing is, I won’t be there to supervise her. As far as I know, it is a drop off session. Your comment has really made me think…do I really want all the hard work to be ruined by putting her into a 2-hour-a-day madrassa just because I want her to socialise! I would be so upset were she to come home and repeat things I don’t want her ears to hear at this age. Ppl may think I am sheltering…and I darn right am. I do not believe my daughter who is at such a fragile age, be exposed to such things which can rock her foundations!

      Mmm…istikhara is the way and I know my Lord will protect us from it if it is not good.

  2. as salamualaykum,

    Would the school give her exposure to good spoken Arabic? If so, the benefits from that would be tremendous. As for bad behaviors she might pick up, might it be useful to look at them as opportunities for your relationship to deepen? You won’t be able to keep her from things you see as undesirable for long, so it seems the earlier you start establishing the fact that your family has a particular standard that might be at odds with those of other families, the better. Isn’t that why Allah created good and evil in the first place, so that we could make the choice and the effort? Istikhaarah. May Allah give you tawfiq, and jazakallah khairan for your sharing your work. Mehded Maryam Sinclair,

    • Ws wr wb

      Jzk for your comment sis. I kind of replied to your points in the point sis Naimah made. I do believe that she will have to venture out into the world one day. But not now. Why is it that the Prophet (saw) nurtured his companions before they went public with their islam? Why is it that the Qu’ran was revealed in stages? Remember what Aisha (ra) said about if the prohibition of alcohol had been revealed immediately – the companions wouldn’t have given up their drink etc etc. I believe we need to prepare our children, give them a solid understanding and then expose them so that insha’Allah they will deal with whatever comes their way by relying on Allah (Swt). Allah knows best. (Sorry, kinda talking to myself here and trying to convince myself of what my heart is already telling me…)

  3. Assalamu alaykum sis, How are you?? I see your back in the swing of things after your move MashaAllah. Expect a phone call from me soon inshaAllah!

    Sis I just wanted to ask where you ordered your Iqra books from? Do they have a website of catalogue? They look really good mashaAllah. Are you still using the Darussalam Islamic Education books too?

    By the way I just got my set of the Stem Series from Learning Roots, they are beautiful books and easy to understand mashaAllah.

    Anyway speak to you soon, take care, wasalaam

    p.s. with regards to the evening madrassah, I agree do istikharah but I am just wondering if R really needs to go as you are covering all those subjects yourself and she does a lot of socialising with others HS kids also you go on trips and go to various classes like pottery, so will it be too much to fit into your timetable? But do istikharah and Allah will guide you to whats good for you and R inshaAllah.

    • Ws wr wb,

      Call me anytime insha’Allah.

      Iqra books are from Al Farooq International based in Birmingham. Call them and they will send you a catalogue. Am still using the Darus Salam in conjunction with the other books.

      Learning Roots products are so beautiful masha’Allah. Really good value for money.

      Re the madrassa, sisters think R sees a lot of kids, but she doesn’t. At the mo, just in pottery (and even then each child is getting on with what they are making) and with a few other sisters but that is it. But I don’t know if the madrassa is worth it. I really want more socialising for her, but not too sure…istikhara is the only way. Jzk sis and come and see me if you can.

      Wsm. x

  4. Assalamualaikum,
    I used the complete IQRA books as well when my kids were her age, but to be honest I prefer the I love Islam series, it’s more suitable for my kids. They got bored fast with the Iqra book. About madrasa, I think everyday is too much. I would say yes if it is a weekend or twice a week madrasa. About if she picked up bad habits, you just simply correct her. It’s good to expose her to that sometimes (off course not to much) so she practice how to recognize bad or good behaviour on others. More ideal if you can volunteer in the class ( I did that) so you know what went on in there and talk to R after each class finish about what happened. Insha ALLAH.

    • Ws wr wb,
      Jzk sis. Will look into the I love Islam series. Maybe I’ll use these books until I finish then and then I will use the others insha’Allah. Can you briefly say why you thought they were good (please). Jzk.

      Umm R

  5. Salaam,
    Do they let them socialise in the madrassa? I know sisters who say their children picked up the worst things at madrassa. Like coming home and asking what *** means. Terribly sad really.

  6. Sis,
    I would say follow your heart. A sis told me once when I too was concern about socializing issues, that at this age, they don t really need anything other than YOUR love and undivided attention. Subhannallah I followed her and I am happy now that I did. Sad to say, madrasa doesnt guarantee that they produce angels. I was quite shock to see the behaviours in a lot of madrasa/Islamic school.

  7. I Love Islam has more things to cover so I dont have to supplement as I did with the Iqra books. It also has $5 workbook that go along with the $25 text I dont have to make copies. It’s a thick text book start at 1st grade level (although I have 6 and 4 year old). It saves me time and money this way. With Iqra, I used to spend time copying 2 pages and search for other pages from the internet or other books to support. Just like R, my kids love to do this pages. Often they go through as much as half of the text book in one shot! If this happens, about 2 week later, I’d review it and test them through play.

  8. Assalaamu Alaykum wa rahmatullah.
    I agree with what many of the other sisters have said – really R doesn’t need socialization, does she? You know that the best socialization she can be exposed to is her own family, and she is exposed to other children through field trips and pottery, etc.
    I would say that unless she is going to gain some important knowledge that she is not getting at home (hifdh, arabic language, for example) then leave her at home.
    I put my 5yo son in an Islamic Sunday school this last semester, and I regretted it. Not because he learned something bad, no, alhamdulillah. But because it was really a waste of his time. He was reviewing things he already had learned – the kids his age were much further behind him, masha’Allah, and I would rather have him home playing. He could have easily covered what they did in that class in 30 minutes at home!
    However, I do plan on putting him in a “class” at a brother’s house where he teaches them to read Arabic (which he could also learn from me) and helps them memorize qur’an (an area in which I am not as strong) masha’Allah. There are only a few kids there, and it is only 3 hours a week. So, I’m not as worried.
    I ‘ll let you know how it turns out (look for a post on my blog soon, insha’Allah).
    -Umm Sayf

  9. Asalam alaikum sister

    I am really impressed by your site and the work that you are doing with the homeschooling.

    InshAllah I will be homeschooling my daughter from sept!! I am looking for the iqra books to teach my child from and was wondering were you got yours from.
    I can only find them distributed in the states, and even then with great difficulty!

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