Last night, my husband was at a walima and I went to see a group of sisters. We were caught up in the snowfall and it was so difficult to drive due to the slippery roads! It is amazing how a quick change in the weather leaves us incapable of controlling our cars, travelling to work and leading a ‘normal’ life! Subhana’Allah. We aren’t really in control of anything..are we?!

Anyway, I had some exciting news last week! It maybe some old news to some who belong to the yahoo group I belong to, but I clearly wasn’t paying attention to the emails regarding the games club. Okay, so let me explain. A few sisters on the yahoo group have organised the ‘Project a Month’. Basically, we go on a trip once a month. We have an interesting line up with a visit to HMS Belfast, and a visit to the Regents Canal!

Two weeks before this, the sisters who attend the ‘Games Club’, meet in West London for the children to present work they have done on the subject matter of the trip and they also have arts and crafts and Islamic Studies activities. The main reason for the ‘Games Club’ as one sister explained, is for the children to overcome ‘shyness’ and confidence issues and by doing a presentation of the work they have done. It could be anything, but it has to be 100% the child’s work. I like this and although it is far, I insha’Allah want to attend as I think it would be good for R to socialise as well as build her cnfidence inshaAllah. In my eyes, at least that is twice a month that she will be mixing with other children. And it also allows us to explore and learn about different subject matters associated with history.

For those of you who were following my madrassa dilemma…Allah (Swt) is indeed The Guide. I prayed istikhara before I left and we got lost and could not find the place. After arriving an hour late, I walked in to the school and knew straight away that this wasn’t for R. The school was lovely masha’Allah and the headteacher was very kind. I I It is just that the other children she would be mixing with wouldn’t be my choice of companionship at this age where I am trying to build a solid foundation. In addition, she is doing fine in her hifdh, arabic and Islamic studies at home. The £80 a month could be spent better elsewhere insha’Allah.

We have been following our timetable alhamdulillah. Something, that might be of interest to you which could probably be used in any subject is this:


We are still working on our Adam (AS) unit and after reading to her, I wrote three words and said ‘Jannah is…’ and she had to complete the sentence. What was interesting was due to my reading to her, her vocabulary grew! I think we will be doing more of these inshaALLAH.


Finally, I doubt very much that we will be attending pottery today. due to this:



So, looks like I’ll be taking the kids out and showing them (yes that includes baby Z) how to have a real snowball fight! InshaAllah!


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  1. The UK does seem to grind to a halt with snow, we have to have special tyres on our car in Sweden in the winter (by law) but we’ve hardly had any snow this Winter. However by Allah’s mercy they probably helped stop an awful accident the other day, my hub had to do an emergency stop on icy roads as a cyclist pulle dout withoout looking

  2. SubhaanAllah! the snow is sure looking lovely…have been enjoying and been inspired by all the posts thus far.

    South Africa

  3. Salam sis, I love the spider diagram idea, great to get them thinking and extend their vocab!

    The snow is so beautiful, we obviously all had a day off from HS to go build a snowman, an igloo (my hubby’s idea) and to go sledging down the hill in the park and they came home to find we had a power cut for the whole day, all part of the learning experience. The kids enjoyed using their torches and playing by candle light. It also was good to show we dont need to rely on the computer and other electrical items, we went back to the original source, books! Alhamdulillah.

    Speak soon sis wasalaam

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