While its been cold…


Since much of this week has been so cold, we’ve pretty much stayed in apart from the day we went out to make a snowman. Here is what we have been up to:


R finished memorising the dua for dressing last week and we are now memorising and using the dua upon entering the evening. We often discuss the fact that the shayatin came out during this time. So whenever we’re out and on our way back home from somewhere, she tells me to drive faster so that we get home before the shayatin come and ‘bite us’ (!)

I have carried on reading ‘Goodnight Stories from the Life of the Prophet (saw).’ She really loves this book masha’Allah and we often have a bit of a ‘chat’ afterwards about the events that took place in the seerah (life of the Prophet (saw)).

As part of our unit on Adam (AS), which we are almost finished with, I used the following powerpoint on Adam (AS). (Scroll down to the bottom where it says Powerpoint Book, Adam. R then also watched the Story of Adam (AS) for children as told by Yusuf Estes which can be found here. She really enjoyed it, and for anyone that knows Yusuf Estes, he will always have you laughing masha’Allah.

She also made this which we got from here. We just merely copied the idea and made it into our own. We used colouring books to find and cut out the pictures. This was quite basic for her, but I thought it would be fun and we talked about Allah and what He created whilst she cut, coloured and stuck. I could have made it more specific to her age and included some writing or something, but to be honest I was quite tired this week!




For reading, R worked on the following sounds: sh, ch, th, ee, oo and st. She finished the above workbook. We only have one left for literacy, so looks like I am going to have to buy some 5-7 year old workbooks. She is completing too many workbooks too fast now which suggests that the 3-5 year old workbooks are too easy! That is the beauty of home ed…you go with your child’s ability, not his or her age group. R has continued to read to me and I find that the more she reads, the less she needs to sound words out. I am going to try and ask her to read 3 Bob books to me a day iA. For reading, she has also completed a lot of the education city games and the stars are changing to gold which means that she got 100% for the games. What is nice about educationcity.com is that when this happens, they have a printable certificate which I can put into her yearbook (see my other post on what her yearbook is).

Aside from that, she drew an A3 picture of lots of flowers, clearly missed her pottery lesson and used her playdough instead, pretended to be a breastfeeding princess with dress and crown and breast-fed baby of course, dressed her baby brother in hijab (he’ll get his own back when he starts walking) and danced to nasheeds on youtube! A busy but joyful week! 🙂


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