Horniman Museum and a few other bits…


Before I begin with this post, I mentioned educationcity.com in another post and a lot of you subscribed to their 10 day free trial. I received an email from them stating that if anyone pays for a subscription and does so by giving them my ‘tell a friend’ code, I get 3 months worth of educationcity added free of charge and so does the new subscriber. So, if you want to subscribe and want me to have a free 3 months as well as wanting an extra FREE 3 months for yourself, send me a comment, and I will send you the details. Many thanks, 🙂

We visited the closest Museum to us in our new abode in South London…the Horniman Museum which is about 10 minutes away from where we live. Have heard some good reviews about it, but I must say it was a wonderful day and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

They have many different exhibitions: Africa, a real life Aquarium, China, art work, natural history, skeletons, animals anatomy in jars! And much more! My favourite part of the museum was an exhibition by Romuald Hazoume from Benin. After 3 days, I am still thinking about it. He made this piece of artwork with petrol cans to re-create a slavery ship which stole thousands of Africans from their homeland and took them to the Americas. Each petrol can signifies a human being. The way in which the petrol cans are stacked together represent how cruelly the slave owners ‘packed’ them into the ships. The half size cans represent children. He also used gin bottles, tobacco and guns to ‘recreate’ the ship which signified that these items were exchanged for human beings! One of the pictures you will see below shows a yellow petrol can and a brown one. Both were used to represent the White Empire’s and African King’s involvement in slavery. The reason why the artist used these items were that he wanted to use items from Benin, his home country as the artwork represented the sufferings of his people. In addition, he used them to highlight the fact that slavery still exists by exploitation of people. People normally exploited for things such as gas and oil! I must say I am not a huge artwork fan and normally can’t understand why artists use silly items to create their masterpiece. But this was simply FANTASTIC.

One other part of his exhibition which almost brought tears to my eyes (I tried to capture it in one of the photos below) is the following quote:

“They didn’t know where they were going, but they knew where they had come from. Today they still don’t know where they are going, and they have forgotten where they come from.” This exhibition will be at the Horniman museum until the end of February. It will then move on to different museums across the country.

My father is from West Africa (and mother from Sicily, Italy – in case you are wondering) and it made me realise that although I became a Muslim, I still have roots in a very rich and wonderful culture which I would like my children to learn about it. But most importantly, for me to rediscover and return back to.  *sigh* Brings back memories of my trip to Nigeria in 2003 – I miss it. Here (finally) are the pics:


Before we left the museum, I had a quick look at the bookshop and found a beautiful book:


It is written by a woman who travelled through Africa and spoke with men and women who could not read or write and asked them to tell her their stories. The book includes all these wonderfully rich stories. I couldn’t believe that I found this book! Although my father is literate, I remember him always saying ‘There was once an African proverb…’ 🙂 They used to mean so much to me then and now thinking about it, more now! Reading these stories, it truly is amazing how illiterate people have the deepest messages to give. Actually, makes you think about the Prophet (saw) and how Allah (Swt) used him…an illiterate man as the last prophet to mankind! And what a lasting impression, he (saw) made on humanity.

Anyway, enough of the nostalgia. Back to home ed. Hubby has been off sick from work since Monday which has thrown our home ed into a bit of a crisis! I find that when hubby is home, we just can’t stick to our routine. So, R has read and been read to. She also worked on her fine motor skills by completing this (from the 99p shop – they really do have some good things in there!):


I also spent the time printing out certificates from educationcity. I love this site – I really do. As R has completed the educational games, the stars turn to gold when she gets 100% and when she does, they have a printable certificate. So, I ran off all the ones she has completed today and will be putting them into her yearbook (see my planning and organisation category). If that isn’t good enough as a way of the child being proud of their achievements, there is an additional fun activity to complete on each certificate:


I also made a Literacy folder for R. I really want to push her in her reading as she is doing so well masha’Allah. So, I printed off all the worksheets that come with educationcity.com (yes! they have worksheets that come with the package. It definitely is £25 per year well spent!). I also printed out starfall worksheets and photocopied remaning jolly phonics sheets from the jollyphonics handbook. I then, sorted them all out into their categories. So for example, when learning about the sound ‘ow’, all the worksheets from educationcity, starfall, jollyphonics and any other books are all put together. I also included handwriting practice based on the sound we are learning, fun activities based around that ‘sound’, words to copy, words to read. So, now I have a literacy folder ‘in order’ where she is not jumping from ‘sh’ one day to ‘oa’ another day, but rather spends a good amount of time on ‘sh’ to master it and then moves on. And the best part of it is that it includes reading, learning, revising and writing. It took me ages to make but now I feel there is some sort of structure to the rest of her learning how to read.

Finally (my posts are way too long!), I saw something similar to this on someone else’s blog and really wanted it but couldn’t afford it at the time. But one arrived in the post a couple of days ago. R loves it, is constantly changing the time and activity and is finally understanding the concept of time!


And that (for now) is it! Happy homeschooling! 🙂


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  1. the time/ date/ season looks liek a good resource- They do this sort of thing with my 8 year old at school, they all want to be the ones to change the dates/ weather etc but it depends who the teacher nominates. At least there’s a chance everyday when you’re doing it at home!

    • I know! Do you remember being at school itching to be the one to be chosen to do ‘whatever-it-was’ and the feeling that came when you were not picked! Well, alhamdulillah by home edding, you don’t have that feeling. You get to be the one every time even if there are other siblings!

  2. As’salaamu Alayki Ukhti. How are you? Insha allah all is well with you and your family. Mashallah! I really like the calender board. Insha allah can you tell me where you purchased it? Jazakallahu Khairan

    • You need to go to educationcity.com and sign up to their free 10 day trial. After that it costs. But, if you want to pay for the full year, let me know insha’Allah and I will insha’Allah email you my code so that we both get a free 3 months each insha’Allah. p.s. will reply to your email soon insha’Allah.

  3. salam my dear sister, really enjoy the posts jaz. i just had 10 days free trial, for all my 4 kids,from educationcity AND another 10 days free trial. i am interested to subscribe and thuoght that you should enquire about the maximum benefit you could recieve from them if the recommend others to their site, or maybe we could organise a ‘chain’ between us. i dont mind to be near the end of the chain because i have to get a cheque off from Algeria.

  4. asa umm raiyaan

    The calander is brilliant mashaAllah. However, I cant find it on Ebay! What is it called?

    jazakallah khair sis!

    lov and dua
    umm sulaiman

  5. Slm umm raiyaan. Yes I am interested in subscribing to educationcity for a year. I have signed up for the 10 day trial, but want to subcribe asap as if you do before the 10 day ends, you get a discount aswell. Email me your code. Jzk.Will email you soon inshallah.x

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