Better to make than to print?!


Last week wasn’t really a productive week. Hubby was off work and was pretty much ill, so it was like having an additional child at home! lol So, as you can imagine…we didn’t really get much done.

Since I last blogged, we shared a nice afternoon with three other homeschooling mothers and all of our 11 kids between us had a fantastic time being kids. 🙂 One of the sisters baked some yummy chocolate cakes which I just had to try out and that is what R and I did, except that we didn’t have the ingredients to make icing which were on the original cakes made by my dear friend.

In the sister’s words;

5oz self raising flour
1oz cocoa powder
6oz butter
6oz caster sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
3 eggs
beat butter and sugar till light and fluffy
beat eggs first then add slowly to the butter sugar mix bit at a time, until incorporated
sift flour and cocoa powder together then add a few spoonfuls at a time until mixed in completely, then the naughty bit (lol) add the chopped chocolate, and mix.
put into cake cases and bake gas mark 6 for 10-15 minutes,
let cool (if u can resist!),

(By the way Umm D, I just couldn’t resist…I ate a couple hot, straight from the oven!)


I bought a book from a new online bookstore called . It cost me £3.00 and the book was surprisingly big and thick…good value for money and R seems to be learning a from it whilst thoroughly enjoying it…anything to do with stickers!


This was the first time we actually covered odd and even numbers and the book explained it in such a child-friendly manner as you can see below. R added 1 to the number on the head of the ladybird and then had to find a sticker with that amount of spots and place it on the ladybird. She loved it!


We are still carrying on with the literacy folder I made for her and practised reading and writing group 1 words from the letters and sounds curriculum from standards.


When R was little, we did lots and lots and lots of painting. And for some reason, we have hardly done any painting for what must be over a year! Well, finally got the paints out. And this is the masterpiece, masha’Allah:


I really must allow her to do more painting.

We have also been working on 1-100. Today, I tested her and asked her to count to 100. She pretty much did it with a little help here and there. So to reinforce it and also to teach her to count in 2s,5s and 10s, we made this:

Firstly, I took a large piece of sugar paper and divided it into 100 squares. I then wrote 1-100 in the squares in pencil.


R then copied each number for writing practice. As you can see, the paper is so huge that she had to do it on the floor!


Once she completed writing all the numbers, I gave her gold star stickers and asked her to put a sticker on all the numbers she would count if she counted in 2s. We actually referred to the above ‘Big Book of Sticker Maths’ to go over what even numbers were. After that, I asked her to place a different sticker on all the numbers she would count if she counted in 5s. And all the numbers counted in 10s were written in a different colour.

And there you have it, a personalised number grid and skip counting lesson all in one. Now, you may be thinking, you could have just printed that out. But where would the fun have been. And surely a child learns more doing something hands on then she does just reading or looking at it.


To finish off, whilst I was making this grid and was writing the title…R shocked me by reading the title. I couldn’t believe it. Masha’Allah. She is beginning to read words everywhere. I’m really excited! Alhamdulillah.


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    • jzk sis. Are you homeschooling? How old are your kids? Look at the old posts for stuff I did with my daughter when she was 2.5 years old onwards. 🙂

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