Why I haven’t been blogging and our home ed


I haven’t posted in a while. I have been preoccupied with something I am sure you will all be excited about just as I am! For those of you in the UK, you will know of IHSAN (Islamic Homeschooling Support Advisory Network). It was set up in the UK in 2000 and it was a paid membership where members would receive a newsletter in the post as well as other benefits. Well, the newsletters have stopped and IHSAN decided to go online. Alhamdulillah I took up the challenge of sorting out the website with our webdesigner who is a brother masha’Allah and the website will go live this SUNDAY 15TH MARCH 2009! The great benefit of this is that this will be GLOBAL insha’Allah.  So what do you have to look forward to?

*   All the previous newsletter articles (thats almost 9 years worth of articles on all aspects of homeschooling) online. There is a wealth of information in those articles written by sisters who are home educating.

*   A free forum where you can meet other sisters who homeschool or who are considering starting and discuss everything pertaining to home education.

*   Plus a children’s gallery on the forum to upload pictures of your children’s work.

*   There will insha’Allah be children’s competitions and insha’Allah we will be continuing with the newsletter but uploading the articles online.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…spread the word. Email everyone on your mailing list, if you blog please put up a post on your blog. You may cut the information I have put here – please spread the word. And I look forward to ‘chatting’ with you on the forum from the 15th March insha’Allah.

The website is: http://www.islamichomeeducation.co.uk/

Okay what have we been up to?


Well most of our home ed recently has been Qu’ran, Qu’ran and more Qu’ran. So much so that a lot of the other subjects have been ignored…’slightly’. As you know we are pushing R with her hifdh (memorisation). It does require a lot of work and so I decided to concentrate on this more than the other subjects. We have been revising what she has already memorised ‘Surah Nas to Surah Shams’ and she has 2 ayats left to memorise Surah Balad insha’Allah.


She is reading bob books set 2 quite well now. So, I have started using Oxford Reading Tree and Oxford Read Write Inc. set which I think are excellent. We have been spending a lot of time working through the educationcity.com worksheets. This is mainly for revision, but they are proving especially useful for spelling. They ask the children to draw a picture beginning with a letter and then to write the word. It is good because R is beginning to sound out the words in her head in order to spell them.


We haven’t done much maths recently. But to consolidate work on 1-100, I found this maths 1-100 game. It is very simple but effective.


We finished our unit on Adam (AS). Please see the top of my blog and click on the page that says Resources for Adam AS Unit for the list of what we used insha’Allah.

We finished reading our previous Islamic book and now I read a little each day from this:


The vocabulary in there is perfect for R to understand and also to challenge her level of vocabulary.

We have also started a copywork project in our Islamic Studies. I have been reading up about copywork and it is not only good for handwriting practice, but builds the vocabulary of the child as well as grammar. Visit http://islamiccopywork.wordpress.com/ for more information.

Our project is based around the Names of Allah which we started last year, but I felt we needed something that we could keep. So…




I made little mini books (just a small piece of paper folded in 2. On the front cover (in pencil) I wrote Allah (Swt) name in Arabic and then wrote the meaning underneath in English. Inside, I wrote an easy to understand explanation of that Name. She copied everything and whilst she was doing so, we would discuss the meaning and how it is applicable in our lives. It has been going very well masha’Allah.

Also, we made salat centers. Now, all credit does to the wonderful wonderful sister who runs http://talibiddeenjr.amanahwebs.com/. I got this idea from her blog.

We made the pouches from holographic card(folded in 2 and the sides stapled together). The rest should be self explanatory from the pictures as well as the link you can find all the printables. Basically, it teaches the child that we need to pray on time as well as teaching them that there are duas to say after each salat, morning and evening, before going to sleep and upon waking up. This is useful for the whole family. All the duas that you would say after each salah goes into the relevant pouch. There are literally booklets of all the duas to say. It is wonderful and even though R is not praying yet, after I finish praying we sit down together and she takes the booklet out of the pouch (the pouches are on our wall) and we read them together.

In the second picture, she had to read the Arabic words which said which salat it was and link it to the correct picture. I would not help her read the Arabic as I really want her to improve in her Arabic reading.  In the end I helped her a bit, but she pretty much got there in the end.




R has 2 more weeks left til her pottery class ends. She has thoroughly enjoyed the 10 week course for homeeducated children in Clapham Leisure Centre. The instructor told me, ‘R definitely keep us on our toes!’ LOL It is also nice to see how she has progressed in the last few weeks. Here are some items she made on her own (a rather large bracelet, a house and a bowl of sausages!). LOL! Remember she is only 4.5 years old. LOL


Finally, R is absolutely obsessed with daffodils at the moment. On the way home from pottery, she made me buy her a bunch! I think it arose from our time spent at the new home ed get together which takes place every Thursday. (It takes place in East London, costs £1 a family. Parking is £1 and the centre is modern with a modern play area and very clean and modern building. We have everything to ourselves for 2 hours! There were over 50 children on the first Thursday from 2 months old to 13 years old – all home educated! If anyone wants details, send me a msg.)  On our way to a shop with two other ummis, the kids found daffodils and since then she hasn’t stopped talking about them, smelling them. PLEASE PLEASE…if anyone knows of a unit study, lapbook on daffodils, please send me a message. 🙂 Until next time…happy home ed! 🙂

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  1. mashaAllah…i love seeing how you spend your time so fruitfully with your daughter. I’m storing all the ideas to use one day inshaAllaah. have been looking forward to updates for a while…glad to see something today and the IHSAN website sounds great. May Allah make it a success. Aameen

  2. asalaamu alaikum sister
    i would like to know where this home ed get together takes place, i have 2 kids ages 2 and 4years old, im homeschooling them, your blog and the links are a great help.
    jazzakillahu khyran

  3. As salaamu alaykum,

    Going to try this again. Was commenting here and the plug came out of the wall at the cafe (the area is “squishy”) and it turned the computer off.

    I love your salat pockets! —- having everything right there on one pocket looks nice. My display fell down so insha Allah, when I get around to putting it back up, I will try this way, insha Allah.

    • Ws wr wb,

      I just thought it would be easier this way. Alhamdulillah. Jzk sis for the idea. Masha’Allah you are one creative ummi!!!

      Take care, don’t forget to subscribe to the new IHSAN forum on 15th March 2009 insha’Allah and do check out the articles!
      Umm Raiyaan

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  5. As salaamu Alayki,
    Ukhti, Your Salaat board is so nice Masha Allah. I love how you put everything together on one pocket! May Allah Grant you much success in teaching your children, Ameen!

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