Spring and our HE!


The weather has been absolutely stunningly beautiful here in London masha’Allah. It really has brought a much needed ray of sunshine to our lives, alhamdulillah. My grandmother (non-muslim) died last week and was quite down about it so the weather has really cheered me up. Due to the death, and then my son and I becoming ill, we have really taken it easy on our timetable. In fact, most days for the last 10 days…we haven’t actually kept to the timetable. It has made me think about change. Spring kind of makes you think like that doesn’t it. Change is good, right? (More on that in another post insha’Allah)

Alhamdulillah the IHSAN website and forum is going well. Alhamdulillah we have a great community developing on the forum with 45 members from different continents. Why not come and join us insha’Allah.

Okay, so we have been doing the following since the weather has been too beautiful to resist masha’Allah:


A lot of Qu’ran. She finished memorising surah balad masha’Allah. Now on to surah Fajr.

Once she finished memorising surah balad, I printed out this workbook on surah balad. A sister made it, masha’Allah may Allah (Swt) reward her. She also made another one on surah fajr. So once that has been memorised and we work on it, I will post it up here insha’Allah.


We have been reading a lot! I have been reading so many books to her and it has been nice to spend quality time just reading. Something funny happened though: I was reading a book to her and noticed that something was unIslamic so I tried to ‘islamify’ it and read something about Allah. (It wasn’t an Islamic story book!) So, she stopped me, looked at the cover, returned back to the page I was reading and said: “Ummi, I can’t find where it says, “Allah didn’t like that. But then forgave him.” LOL I didn’t know what to say!!! Okay, so now that she is reading it looks like I am going to have to read word for word!!!



She used her journal. For those that haven’t seen previous posts on this. She draws a picture, and tells me about the event that she is journaling and I write down IN HER WORDS wht she dictates. It allows me to see how she is progressing in her vocabulary and speaking skills. I can see that R doesn’t like drawing very much. She quickly draws something without paying much attention to it – like she wants to get it over and done with. I think she likes writing more? Should I push her to improve in her art work? Or leave it?


Lots and lots of painting.

She made this butterfly from hama beads. She really loves hama beads…good for fine motor skills.




She also made this masjid with her father using air-dry clay from ELC (currently on sale for £4!) Do you remember the dinosaur they made? and the jungle?! Why is it that I can’t make fantastic things like that with her?? (grrrrrr!) I really think I’m going to leave the HE to him. I spend every week with her trying to make things with her. He does one thing in a blue moon and she talks about it for weeks!!!! Not that I’m jealous of my dear husband or anything?! (grrrrr! LOL…Masha’Allah!)





Like I said, we have been out a lot this week. It has been good for me and for her. I needed to be out to reflect a lot on a lot of things! Can you believe this is in South London? Doesn’t it look beautiful?


Every Thursday we have been attending the Home Ed get together in East London. I love it. She loves it. And I think every sister and child who goes there loves it. I feel like we are building a small community of home educated children alhamdulillah. 2 weeks ago a very kind sister brought henna and they decorated cakes. It is fantastic as children from 13 to babies all mix together alhamdulillah.


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  1. assalamu alaykum,

    I am loving the weather mashaAllah.

    I keep hearing about these hama beads, where do u get them from?? Just worry about Ubi with the lil beads?


  2. Bismillah
    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Masha’Allah, excellent post as always. I am so glad you are enjoying the weather, sister. I heard that UK’s winter was the chilliest in many years this time round!
    Just wanted to tell you that a growing community of homeschoolers in Karachi, Pakistan also follows your blog — including myself, though I am not homeschooling right now. I discovered your blog through SISTERS Magazine (specifically, in your article about your Hijrah to Algeria and back to England), for which I have also started writing very recently. I really find your posts inspiring and I wish that Allah guides me to teach my children the way you teach them, masha’Allah. I also liked your tagliatelle recipe. I LOVE pasta!
    Jazakillahu Khairan Kaheeran for your hard work, not just in homeschooling, but also for blogging all your efforts, so that we can benefit from so far off here in another country in the East.
    Wassalam! 🙂

    • Ws wr wb,

      Wow! MashaAllah…you’re in Pakistan! Am very grateful to Allah (swt) for allowing me to benefit others. Without Him (Swt) nothing is possible. Sis, do come and join us at the IHSAN forum: http://www.islamichomeeducation.co.uk (Go to the forum link).

      Jzk once again for your message masha’Allah.
      Umm R

  3. Salamu alaykum sister! The weather has been great and it has been hard for us too to keep indoors (see my latest post 🙂
    Mash’Allah that henna looks superb and R. was so happy she showed it to me straigh away! Mash’Allah.
    Looking forward to see you on Thursday
    wa alaykum assalam

  4. LOL! Yes (smiling sheepishly). I haven’t got round to buying the larger sized hama beads! Jzk for the base! 🙂

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