Godstone Farm and Hastings


Today, we took a trip with another family to Godstone Farm and finished off at Hastings Beach.

We have been to some farms in our time, but I must say this was a wonderful place – designed especially for children in mind and has everything for a wonderful and educational day out.  Do visit the website above –  I would recommend this to anyone. Included are: Lots of animals, an animal-touching tunnel, 5 sandpits, at least 4 adventure play areas designed for all ages, a nature trail, a woodlands maze and the best thing about it is that there are educational trails posted up, educational information about the animals written in attractive colours and written in easy-to-read language for children. Everything is at children’s height. It was a superb day. Masha’Allah. Here are some pics (which doesn’t really capture the wonders of the farm):

We finished the day off in Hastings. The other family who are friends, wanted to visit the castle associated with the Battle of Hastings, but we opted for a picnic on the beach. R splashed about in the sea, made sand castles with the little sand there was (it is a stony beach) and just enjoyed being surrounded by the beautiful creation of Allah (Swt). Seeing her so carefree and happy made me realise how important it is for her to be surrounded by nature. MashAllah, they grow up so quickly and so I have decided to schedule in more time to get dirty by climbing trees, jumping in puddles and rolling down hills. 🙂 You’re only young once right?! 🙂

A little news on Baby Z. 13 months old now masha’Allah. Finally, pulling himself up on tables and sofa. Quite slow physically but already saying quite a few words mashAllah: mama, baba, ya yaan (for his sister), zunka (to go out in Algerian), nini (to sleep in Algerian), six (his sister taught him that!), lala (‘no’ in Arabic) and he likes to try and sing tala al badru alayna! LOL! As soon as he hears it, his face lights up and he starts talalalalalallaaaaaaaaaaa!


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