Hijab and Time Lapbooks and Traffic Lights!


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Secondly, do visit the old entries of the blog for work that we have done when R was 2.5 years+. (See the side panel for the monthly archive).


Like I stated in a recent post, we have become a little lapbook crazy! Last week, we completed 2 lapbooks and this week we are working on another one.


As you know, we are working on telling the time. R had a wristwatch that I bought her, but has lost it. She is absolutely devastated. But I am adamant that I will not buy her another one as she has to learn to look after her things! Anyway, we made this lapbook – which in my opinion has everything you need to teach your child how to tell the time. Here are some pics:

Front Cover:


R making a paper clock to go into the lapbook.



The digital card packs have different times on them. R pulls out a card and then has to show the time on the clock.


This fan mini book teaches the 5 minute ‘slots’ of time.  She had to draw the clock hand to represent 10 minutes past, 20 mins  past. She uses this mini book a lot to help her put the time on the analogue clock as per the digital card.


Here, R had to colour in the triangle to represent the 15 min ‘slots’. This has taught her quarter past, half past, quarter to and o’clock.




I took this from this wonderful blog. R really enjoyed making this. A lot of copywork went into this blog which was an option I took.





I measured and weighed R to put into this heart-shaped mini book. And she uses the tape measure to measure her doll’s hijabs etc.


This was her favourite part of her lapbook and she at least takes her Muslim doll out weekly. Here, we cut out the doll, laminated it and put it together. Then, we printed and cut out all her clothes. R coloured them in and the doll sometimes wears a skirt and blouse if she is at home, and puts on her abaya and handbag if going out! R loves it. 🙂




To finish off this long post, we also made this; it was to reinforce the ‘sh’, ‘ch’, and ‘th’ sounds. In case you think it is a lollipop – lol. It isn’t. It is a traffic light. R copied the sh, ch, th on the outside and wrote words with that sound in them on the inside of the traffic lights.



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    • Ws wr wb

      Hey, masha’Allah…you made it here! 🙂 I know, they are so cute masha’Allah. Umm Abdul Basir is a genius masha’Allah! 🙂

  1. As Salaamu Alayki, Masha Allah!! You did a nice job on the Hijaab lapbook! I am so happy you were able to find use of the files, Alhamdulilah. May Allah Grant our children and families tawfeeq, Ameen!!
    I also loved your time lapbook, you were so thorough with teaching it all, Masha Allah. Good Job! Look forward to more, insha Allah! Love You for the Sake of Allah

    • Ws wr wb

      Jzk sis for making it, and sharing with us so that our little muslimahs could also enjoy making and playing with it. We loved every minute of it sis. Please do keep them coming! Jzk. 🙂

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  3. i love the hijab book. so cute mashaAllah.

    do you know where i can buy a long shuttlecock type burqa online with an integral niqab and arms?


  4. As-salaamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

    Masha’Allah, I just love your site! I was searching for ideas to teach my daughter Time and once again came across your site.

    Alhamdulillah, as usual you have done a great job and have helped us out tremendously…may Allah reward you…amin.

    Is there a site that you used for the Telling Time Lapbook? I can not seem to find any templates, especially the ones you used. I would greatly appreciate your help.

    Jazak Allahu Khairan.
    Your sister,

    • Ws wr wb

      Jzk for your comment. Ameen sis. I bought the Telling Time lapbook from Curr Click. If you send me a private email, I’ll email it to you for free inshaAllah.

      • Jazak Allahu Khairan Sister,

        This is so very kind of you. My email is myedulinks@yahoo.com.

        I pray that you receive hasanat as my daughter learns this concept and each time thereafter that she tells time…AMIN!


  5. As Wr Wb

    I know you are mad busy at the mo, but when you get a spare minute, would you PLEASE email me the ‘telling the time lapbook’. JZK sis.

  6. Asalamu alaykum my dear sister, one again your blog has been a great source of inspiration to me, masha’Allah. I am currently in the process of making the hijab lapbook with my eldest daughter. I love your Telling Time lapbook, would it be very cheeky of me to ask if you could also email me the templates insha’Allah, and may Allah reward you with an abundance of good, ameen.

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