It’s All About Nature…


Not much sitting-down-with-pen-and book HE has been done this week. But, we have been to a few places and the facts we have both learnt is amazing. For example, did you know that owls don’t ‘poop’ as other animals do. Instead, because they swallow their prey whole, they bring up their meals in the form of a pellet! In one picture, I tried to capture an owl’s pellet that was dissected by one of the girls from a HE family that we went with. You can actually see the skull of a rodent! SubhanAllah.

The first visit was to the Butterfly Enclosure which is located just outside of the Natural History Museum, London. It was organised by a sister and we had quite a few Home Education Ummis turn up. It was quite hot inside, and butterflys were flying everywhere! Landing on heads, hijabs and hands. There was also a feeding table and a glass case showing real caterpillars turning into butterflys.

The next visit on the same day was in the Natural History Museum, again organised by the same sister. This time, we enjoyed a ‘bugs’ workshop. And yes, with real life bugs! 🙂 There were centipedes, millipedes, cockroaches, a spider and much more. R got to stroke the leg of a rather large spider. I kept well back (except to take the picture of course!)

And finally, we spent today in East London with another HE family (dragging both husbands with us) and spent a good four hours at the Wildlife Event. It happens once a year and mashaAllah it was brilliant. Apart from the fact that there were real life animals brought to the event, animals that actually live in London’s wildlife areas, there were tents of many organisations. Each organisation provided activities for the children to do and masha’Allah all the children had so much fun making the activities as well as learning about wildlife and nature. Apart from making an arts and crafts dragonfly, beetle and butterfly…they also made a bird feeder using twigs, an apple and pumpkin seeds. We don’t have a garden, but we are off to our local common to hang the apple on a tree and insha’Allah observe the bird feding. I have got so many ideas of doing things with R and the rest of the HE families I know. Fancy a Bat walk anyone??

Today, really made me realise how important it is for our children to be surrounded by Allah’s creation, learn about it, appreciate it and love it! Insha’Allah I think I need to look into the Charlotte Mason method a little bit more.

Right, it is 11pm! I am shattered and off to bed. See you soon…inshaAllah 🙂


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  1. As salaam alaikum,

    Sounds like you all had fun with your nature activities, masha Allah.

    There is one little thing that I wanted to clear up about the owls though. Actually, owls do poop as well as regurgitate owl pellets. Here is site that describes how to identify owl poop, insha Allah.


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