Phonics Caterpillar


It has been a long time since I actually posted about what we have been doing, so here is a wee update:


A kind sister who was Home Educating left four huge bags of books that she no longer needed. Masha’Allah, some excellent non-fiction books in there. So, R has been enjoying looking at pictures and attempting to read a few.We made the following caterpillar. I cut out the caterpillar parts of the body and R decorated them. She then wrote the phonic blend on each one. We then made the caterpillar and stuck it on the wall.


After we made this, we have been covering three ‘parts of the body’ every day. I ask her what the sound makes. Eg: ‘ay’ makes the sound ‘a’. Or ‘y’ at the end of a word makes the sound ‘I’. We then bring out the whiteboard and we practice some words. I put the blend all over the board. I ask her to spell a word for me by writing it down, or I write out a word and ask her to read it.


R also has a new penpal masha’Allah. She made the following card for her and unfortunately we have lost it! She made it over a week ago, and we have been searching frantically for it! Today, she received a letter and a drawing from her penpal and was so upset that she hadn’t managed to send her card first. Anyway, she is making another one. I really recommend this, R’s face lit up when she received her first bit of post!

R has also been working on addition, her hifdh, reading the Quran and enjoying meeting up with her friends at the Thursday Club for Home Educated children.

So far, that is about it. Will update more soon insha’Allah.


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  1. Salam

    The penpal idea sounds lovely. I would be very grateful if you could tell me how to do it. I think Ali and Iman would really like it Inshallah.

    Jazaki Allahu Khayran!

    Lots of Love and du3as

    Umm Ali XxX

    • Ws wr wb

      If you are talking about the IHSAN penpal thing, visit the forum, scroll to the bottom and enter your requests in the penpal section. 🙂

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