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Sometimes you just gotta do what you’ve been accustomed to doing!

I like talking to sisters about how they HE. I enjoy it, but I think recently I have been ‘listening’ too much and as a result our HE life changed slightly.

I was beginning to feel guilty about doing a lot of work with R. Was I pushing her too much. ‘She isn’t even 5 a sister told me.’ I really was beating myself about it and so tried to take things ‘easy’, and I felt more tired than when we were actually following a schedule.

So, with myself almost falling into a HE burnout, I formed a new timetable to follow until Ramadhan (yes, we are going to work through the summer insha’Allah as Ramadhan will be our break. Last year, we did so many activities and I didn’t have enough time for my own ibadah, so this year I will only be doing Qu’ran with her and reading) and I cannot tell you how this week has been for both me and her. She even told me how much she has enjoyed this week so far. Alhamdulillah, the good old way of doing things has made me feel calmer and she enjoys it too. So, I now know that our way of following a schedule works for us. We enjoy our time together and we stick fairly to our routine. Smiles all round.

Masha’Allah, my beloved sister who gave me dawah when I was a non-Muslim gave me some good simple advice. ‘Be yourself and just do what you’ve got to do, not what others expect you to do.’ I do love her so much and please make dua for her – she is due to have a baby anytime now.

So, this is roughly what we have been up to:


Still working on the Qaeedah. She finished memorising another surah and beause it was one of the longer ones in Juz Amma, I treated her to this which I bought from thebookpeople.co.uk (there were over 10 different ones in the pack): DSC00710DSC00711She has had a ball with this. In fact, as I write this, she is colouring and cutting out more clothes. The pack comes with a dinosaur set, under the sea and much more. Definitely worth it, and a good incentive to get HE work done.


We are rounding up our phonics work until Ramadhan. You can kind of say that our HE til Ramadhan will be a round up of things I want her to work on ready for HE next year insha’Allah.

A kind sister on the IHSAN Forum had a whole load of school exercise books to give away free and so alhamdulillah, I took quite a few and they have come in very handy. May Allah (Swt) bless the sister. Ameen.

We now have a ‘Phonics consolidation’ book. Remember our phonics caterpillar, see the older posts. Well, we take three each day and I write a few words, ask her to read them and then she has to write a sentence on her own trying to spell the words correctly in each sentence.


We have also started a handwriting book with 1-2 letters each day. Again, this is all prep for HE next year. You see, these lessons don’t take long to do, but a little every day really does have an effect masha’Allah. I split each line into half using a pencil and explain to her that she needs to touch the middle line and the bottom line, that the circle needs to be drawn anti-clockwise. When she was writing something else at another time, I noticed that she wrote the ‘a’ in the same way.


We practise reading with Snapdragons series which she loves (again from The Book People) and Oxford Reading Tree.


I think I have found R’s forte: Maths. Masha’Allah she is good at the other subjects, but I think when your kids get to a certain age you can see which subjects they are stronger in and which ones they are weaker in. I think Maths is her strong point. I was amazed at how quickly she wizzed through some addition and took ages over some literacy work.


We have started an A to Z book on Islam. I feel that now she is older she is more able to produce it on her own. Today, she wrote A is for Allah all on her own. I asked her if she needed help with the spelling. She said no, and mash’Allah, she wrote it correctly. I then wrote ‘Allah’ in Arabic and she decorated it with glitter. We will continue with this insha’Allah.


She is making her own doll using a kit from the Β£1 shop. She has finished sewing and stuffing the doll. Pictures to come soon insha’Allah.


My little brother bought R a bike a few years ago, and she was riding it with stabilisers. She has frequently expressed her wish to ride without the stabilisers but I was reluctant. So, she joined a cycling club in East London organised by my dear lovely sister and her husband. They have 8 kids masha’Allah and HE all of them. Anyway, it was the first time R rode without stabilisers and she did it masha’Allah. Since Saturday, she has been whizzing around on her bike whenever I have taken her out. It was definitely a moment for me when R did it. *sniff* My little girl has grown up masha’Allah.

And lastly, she can’t get enough of these Hama Beads and produced these by herself:


The fish was actually quite large but doesn’t come up in the picture. It took her quite a few days. She kept asking me to iron them (when you iron them, the pieces stick together and you can take it off the base. I kept putting it off. And then….BAAAAM! Baby Z came along and pulled them both down and there were pieces EVERYWHERE! She took it well and just said ‘Z, that wasn’t very nice.’

More from us soon insha’Allah. Oh, and if you haven’t registered on the IHSAN Forum (link above), do so. We have a wonderful summer’s competition for the kids on the forum.


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  1. Masha’Allah sister you and your daughter are do very well and I think that the way you HE works very well for you. I am really a creature of routine too, and if I don’t have routine I don’t feel right.
    I pray to Allah swt that your daughter becomes something great for this Ummah, she is very special masha’Allah.
    Praying for all the very best for you and your loved ones.

  2. Assalamu Alaikum

    Where do you get your hamma beads from? did ever look into handwriting without tears? how come you dont use donna young’s site anymore?



    • Ws wr wb

      Hamma beads were from Woolworths, but Ebay sells buckets of them. I did look into handwriting without tears, but couldn’t get it here. Only in the US. Did you buy them? I don’t use Donna Young’s site, as it seems quite easy for R now.

  3. Assalamu alaykum sister
    well said!! Old Skool is cool!
    Whatever is beste for you and dd then that’s what you should go for.
    Mash’Allah your dd is a very intelligent girl! The hama beads looks great and I particularly like the paper dolls, so sweet!!!
    x wa alaykum assalam

  4. As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmahtuallahi Wa Barakatuh
    Ukhti, Nice job on HE. You seem to be doing your job, really! I love the paperdoll book you bought R. I would love to have that book, I went to the site and they only deliver to the UK. All 8 books would have been nice as I see they have a dino one too. All my kids would have found it to be fun. I guess I can see if they have something like that here, but I don’t think they will as you all in the UK seem to have the neatest things, masha Allah.
    Keep up the nice work. I will soon be posting a Personal upkeep lapbook (deals with changes girls have when they reach puberty) *smile. Hope to see more of your work.

    • Ws wr wb

      Jzk sis. That would be nice. Do let me know when you have posted it, so I can save it for future use insha’Allah. πŸ™‚

  5. salams sister,

    I love your site and reading your HS updates. I have three boys and wish I could do what you do. I love doing craft activties and your phonic ideas sound great. Living in Perth, Australia, there is only five sisters I know who are HSchooling, so your blessed to have others around you (your sister) to support u x

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