Tailor Made Educational Guides Website


Remember this from one of my old posts.  Well, their website is up:

Here is the sister’s email:

Asalamuu ‘alaykum,

We begin with the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Our website is now up and running, walhamdulilah.

You can visit us at: http://tailormadeeducationalguides.co.uk/

Please spread the word amongst your contacts. Especially all of the mothers who do not want their children spending hours in front of the TV or computer during the summer holidays. And for the home educated mothers who want to start something new and different for this coming September.

Thank you to everyone who has made duaa for us and has emailed all of their contacts. From the emails alone, we have had so many orders that have prevented us from completing the website until now.

Please continue to make abundant duaa for us.

Walaykum ‘aasalam
On behalf of the team at TMEG,
Umm ‘Abdullah

I’ll be posting a longish post soon. We have been doing LOADS AND LOADS of Arts and Crafts, Arabic and Quran. Oh, and R is whizzing around quite confidently without stabilisers on her bike now, masha’Allah.

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