Ramadan Guide for kids



From the sisters at Tailor Made Educational Guides:

Asalamuu ‘alaykum

We are in the process of finalising a few final touches on a new Ramadhan Guide.

With this guide, we have two options:

GOLD which will include instructions and all resources/materials for 28 days of hands on activities during the month of Ramadhan. You would simply take the appropriate file for that day and your child has fun whilst learning about Ramadhan. PRICE: £34.99 only (includes p&p)!

SILVER which will include instructions but without resources/materials. PRICE: £9.99 only!

The above guide is suitable for children aged 5-10.

The guide is not currently available on our website. Ramadhan is soon approaching. If you would like to take opportunity of the GOLD option and receive your package in the post in time for the arrival of Ramadhan, send us an email at info@tailormadeeducationalguides.co.uk with ‘Ramadhan Guide’ in the Subject box and we will arrange payment and shipment details.

The SILVER option will be available to be purchased on our website http://www.tailormadeeducationalguides.co.uk in the next week (Allah willing).

Do check out the other Ready Made Guides on our website. Although we have stated fixed prices for our Ready Made Guides, if you would like to buy the BRONZE or SILVER option and cannot afford the said price, we would be more than happy to email you the guide at a price more affordable to you. Our primary aim is that children enjoy learning.

Thank you and kindly inform your family and friends about TMEG.

Walaykum ‘aasalam
On behalf of the team at TMEG
Umm ‘Abdullah

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