A beloved friend has departed


Her name is Ramadan. I cannot tell you how sad I feel that Ramadan has gone. This Ramadan was different for me. I really enjoyed it so very much. I am terribly sad it won’t be another year until I see it again (if I live that long).

Alhamdulillah, R completed her first ever FULL day of fasting. We woke her up for suhr, she ate, prayed fajr and went back to sleep. We were out most of the day and she did really well up until 3pm and then basically asked us every 5 minutes if it was iftar until iftar came around. I did give her the option to break her fast, but she persisted and carried on mashaaAllah. We broke our fast at a sister’s house who had invited us and I felt so very proud that she had done it mashaAllah. I really learnt something though. When she kept telling me she was hungry, my heart felt pain but I knew that she would eat in a few hours. But what about those mothers who hear those same cries but do not feel relieved as they don’t have anything to fill the empty stomachs of their little ones. I felt so grateful to Allah for the fact that we have food and I do not have to go through days with my children going to sleep hungry. May Allah help our brothers and sisters who are fasting. Ameen.

We had a nice Eid – alhamdulillah. Prayed in Regents Park Masjid in Central London. Then the kids enjoyed a day out at Gambado’s in Chelsea. There were so many Muslims there. I bumped into an old friend – she actually hosted my walima (wedding party) in her house. It was so nice seeing her after all these years. We were then joined by some old friends from North London. After that we accepted an invite from a HE family and had dinner there. R was happy. Z was very happy (and naughty!) and I was shattered and collapsed as soon as I got home. I think I often forget I’m pregnant! Lol! Does that happen with no. 3?

We are taking a few days break until next week from our HE schedule. I told R that she could do whatever she wanted to do today, so she made bookmarks and then asked to do some Maths.

To help with her addition, I have printed out and will inshaAllah laminate a rainbow number line and 1-100 chart that she can keep next to her whenever she does her Maths. This advice was given to me by other HE sisters on the IHSAN Forum. You can find the number line here and the number chart here. I found these on the sparklebox website for early years and key stage 1 but they also have a key stage 2 website and everything is free I believe.

We also attended the Thursday Home Educators get together and children from one family made cakes and brought books and toys to sell to raise money for Gaza. They made £85 mashaAllah.

R’s birthday is next month. My mother (who isn’t a muslim…yet inshaAllah) knows that we don’t celebrate birthdays so she bought her a gift and gave it to her on Eid instead. It was a play kitchen with utensils and food! R was ecstatic. She has wanted this for ages. Both R and baby Z have been playing and playing and playing with the kitchen. She has made me so many meals, wants to make a fridge out of a cardboard box for her food and baby Z has been feeding himself and me! It made me realise how important it is for the kids to play, play, play. Role play is extremely important and I really am trying to incorporate that more into her schedule inshaAllah.

Aside from that, thats about it. See you soon…inshaAllah. 🙂


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