Enjoying the sunshine


A very brief post. We were out both days of the weekend that has just passed. On Saturday we attended the Eid Festival which takes place in Dunstable Downs (near Luton). This was our first time. It was like any other bazaar: bouncy castles, face painting, henna painting, rock climbing. But my favourite part of the whole day was just the beauty of Dunstable Downs. The views are simply breathtaking. We stayed until sunset and it was just beautiful. Unfortunately, my camera couldn’t catch the beauty of the place – but if you can go there -GO THERE!

We met up with some sisters whom we know who also home educate and all our kids had a wonderful time. It made me feel quite emotional seeing how free they were, collecting chalk, running into the bushes, playing and rolling in the fields. Isn’t this what HE is about. I want to live in the country – I want my kids to be surrounded by nature. I think we will definitely be going back inshaAllah.

On the Sunday, we thought we would be having a relaxing day, but we were invited at the last minute to visit the seaside not far from Margate. The weather was splendid  – again, all the families stayed until the sun went down. And it was just lovely seeing the kids playing in the sea and making things with the sand. Oh, how I love the sea! I could build my own hut and live there!

Anyway, here are some pics:

DSC00766Kids from a local school acting out the scenes from Surah Al Feel.

Beautiful Dunstable Downs (pic does not do it justice!)

Beautiful Dunstable Downs (pic does not do it justice!)

On another note, we might be moving. Will know for definite in a couple of days. We only moved to our current place in December, but we might be moving again. I don’t like moving – it stresses me out. But I’d rather move now whilst I’ve got the energy than when I am huge and very pregnant. Anyway, will keep you posted. Alhamdulillah, although we are keeping to our timetable, I’m a little worried that moving and then the baby’s arrival will take a huge chunk out of our HE for this year. I think for me, if I can get all the English and Maths stuff done before the year is out, I will feel really good. If she is also reading Quran fluently and has finished memorising her juz – then I’ll be happy inshaAllah. But will we be able to get through all of this with the moving and birth of no.3? I hope so inshaAllah.


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  1. Alhamdulillah sis i was at the downs too! ANd it was such a joyous day, the weather was so nice, SubhanAllah.

    If you don’t mind me asking, are you close to luton?
    I have just started home schooling my 7yr old and am finding it difficult, at the mo there isn’t a homeschool group that i can join, there may be one soon. I was hoping that if you weren’t too far maybe we could join you home study group? InshAllah let me know. JazakAllah Khair

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