I’m a little stressed – my next university year starts at the end of this week. And we’re moving next week inshaAllah. And I haven’t started packing yet.

But I’m trying to continue with HE as normal. We have been keeping to our timetable but have not done anything with Arabic or topic work. Everything else, Quran, Islamic Studies, Literacy and Numeracy has been going well. I don’t really want to start any topic work until we are settled in our new home inshaAllah.

Numeracy is going to change because I came across a new Hungarian Numeracy programme being used in UK schools as a pilot.

A few sisters on the IHSAN Forum are using it and so I called them up and asked my many questions. The friendly guy explained that it has been used in quite a few schools and that the marks achieved by these students in comparison to the marks achieved by students following the numeracy strategy was amazing. He also explained that the difference between this MEP programme and the Numeracy National Curriculum Strategy is that the MEP is mathematical whilst the Numeracy strategy is numerical. This was like Japanese to me and so a kind sister on the forum explained the difference as:

Mathematical means the science of maths as opposed to learning just about numbers (numeracy) and I’ve been searching for something like this for ages! The science of maths is like learning what the difference between a square and a rhombus is. I grew up thinking they’re totally different because a rhombus is like a parallelogram when actually a square is a rhombus, just a more complex one because it has equal angles.

What is great is that all the materials are free on the above website. However, I ordered the books as they are very very cheap. Haven’t received the order yet due to postal strikes but I have decided that this is the way we are going to go with Maths inshaAllah. The guy also mentioned that it is more vigorous and pushes the child more.

A Hungarian sister who is also on the forum said that she was so happy it has been translated into English and is being used here as she was quite disappointed at seeing what the NC uses here. Check it out!

Aside from that, I just can’t wait to get the move over with and get on with our normal routine. Did I say I hate moving…


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  1. assalamoalaikum,
    right now i am having a look at this website, and i was wondering how is it going on for you? are your kids liking it? it loooks interesting to me!

  2. Salam alikoum wrwb,
    Pray you & the family are well & the pregnancy is going smoothly for you insha’Allah. Looks like you’re still managing to find a way to keep things moving with the home-schooling, masha’Allah. May Allah make it easy for you. Ameen.

    We just got back from Algeria on Sunday & I’m pretty exhausted – started work straight away on Monday & can’t wait for the weekend to have a break!!!
    Pls give me a call when you have a few minutes – just to have a quick catch-up and I wanna know where you’re moving to!!!??? Is it closer or further away?
    Anyway, hope to see you soon iA.
    Ma salaam.

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