The middle way and our day..


I copy and pasted my last blog post on the IHSAN Forum and received some good advice from other sister home educators. So, further to that advice, I decided to try something in the middle.

Here is how our day unfolded (in order):

After waking up, eating breakfast, washing up and getting dressed:

1. R decided to take down the folder that contains all her lapbooks that have been completed and looked through her hijab lapbook.

2. Arabic handwriting practice

3. English handwriting practice

4. We are now using First Language Lessons by the Well Trained Mind for grammar lessons. I thought that R wouldn’t like the style as it is less ‘child friendly’ in terms of the fact that there are hardly any pictures etc. She actually likes it more than most of the ‘child friendly workbooks’ that we have. We did a couple of lessons from this.

5. She read to me and the book was her choice. She has read two different sets of readers to me: the Ruth Miskin set and the Snapdragons set. Seeing that she has completed all of the books in each set, we have now switched to reading anything.

6. I read to her. And the book that I read is a definite recommendation. It is called ‘A Day with Dinosaurs’. Although I’m sure we’ve read this together before, I didn’t realise how good a book it is. It is a mix of the knowledge of dinosaurs and Islamic morals etc.

7. We did two lessons of the MEP Math program. This seems to be going well alhamdulillah. It includes lots of games/physical activities to teach the concept being taught. This is a nice change from just doing written work. For example, we stood at other ends of the living room and we threw a cushion to each other whilst saying the opposite of a word. Eg, up-down; thick-thin, sun-moon.

8. She made bookmarks.

9. Started on a new lapbook – more on that later.

10. Practiced her Quran reading and revised old surahs memorised.

11. Was Miss Paleontologist and has started working on uncovering a dinosaur skeleton which is buried in plaster (got this from the internet). She loves it!

As you can see, she pretty much completed what I had set for her to do. But it took longer as it was more spread out and she also did stuff that she wanted to do in the order that she wanted to do it in.

To be honest, it was more relaxed and we still got everything done. Alhamdulillah


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