Challenging Maths and Goals!


Last week at our weekly HE group, all the children and their mothers brought in stuff at home that they wanted to sell and we raised money for Gaza. It was so great getting the children involved and R was particularly excited about pricing the items we chose to sell.

On the day, she manned her stall and we raised more money than I expected we would. In total, the whole group raised £800! Alhamdulillah. I also came back with a yummy red pepper quiche, enjoyed a wonderful piece of very soft chocolate cake on the day and bought baby Z lots of ‘boys’ toys which were being sold for less than £1 or 50p. Baby Z has been enjoying his cars and trucks. I can’t believe how different boys and girls are!

I also bought him his own pens as he loves using his sister’s pens but I’m not too keen with the ink. So bought toddler friendly ones and he is just loving them. Here is him in action  whilst we did our English lesson:


R is now reading the Oxford Reading First Experiences Set mashaAllah. The books are longer than what she is used to and contains more difficult words, so it is a challenge, but she is doing well mashaAllah.

Can’t remember if I mentioned this series but R is in love with them and makes me read at least a few chapters to her every night. They are the ‘My Naughty Little Sister’ series. We finished one of the books. I would definitely recommend getting them. They were written in the 50s and she just loves the stories:


I try and make her read to me every day and to read to her every day. To keep a track of what is being read, I made the following chart. Nothing special but you are free to use it if you want. It makes me keep track of what is being read and how often and how the level of reading is progressing.

Here is the file: reading record

I also made a Quran Record chart. Every day, she practices her Qaidah/Quran reading. We go over surahs she has already memorised and work on the new surah being memorised. I have been keeping a messy record of this in a notebook but felt I needed something neater. So, I made the following chart. Again, nothing special – feel free to download and use it if you want.

Here is the file: quran record

As you probably know, we are following the Hungarian MEP program for Math. It is at Year 1 level. Although R would technically be in Reception if she were at school, the Reception stuff that we were doing was too easy for her. So, I thought, why waste her time. Lets just move on – the beauty of HE. It has suddenly become a little more difficult and she is not used to being ‘challenged’. For example, she had to complete a chain today of more than (>) and less than (<). Like _ + _ > _ <_ + _ (the underscores is what she had to fill in).  I’m quite pleased with this as it is making her really think very hard about certain concepts.

Today, we were learning about more than and less than but in terms of their signs. Here are some pics:


The whiteboard has come in handy again!


R interacting with sums I wrote on the whiteboard.


This was an interactive activity but required oral work. Earlier on, we had completed two English lessons from First Language Lessons (Grammar book from the well trained mind). I used what FLL taught and made R answer the math questions in full sentences rather than just one-two word answers).

Aside from this, we are working on a few Hajj topics to learn about this wonderful time of the year. More on that later inshaAllah.

I have also had to think really hard about what it is that I want her to formallu learn before summer arrives. Baby is due in March inshaAllah, and I know that I will be taking some time out of formal HE for a while so I really need to take all of this into consideration. When I set our timetable at the beginning of September and thought about goals etc, I didn’t take into account that we would be moving etc. So, here is my list of goals. If I can achieve all of this by the summer, I will be more than happy inshaAllah.

1. Finish memorising Juz Amma. She isn’t far off from finishing it, but she really should have been done by now. But with the interruptions of pregnancy and moving, she is behind where we expected her to be.

2. Reading Quran with tajweed. This is coming along nicely alhamdulillah.

3. Finish first grade of the First Language Lessons Grammar Book. That is 100 lessons and we are currently on lesson 8 I think.

4. Reading confidently. Again,  our reading practice and phonic work is helping and I am pleased with how she is coming along mashaAllah.

5. Spelling at year 1 level. We are using mixed resources for this. And I find that the spelling lessons we do is helping with her reading.

6. Finish Year 1 of the MEP Math Program.

7. Reading and writing in Arabic. A lot of work is going to have to go on this. Arabic is not my language. Initially my husband was supposed to teach her this on his days off. But he just doesn’t have the time. So, it has been left to me. R can speak Arabic fluently mashaAllah but she is more behing in reading and writing in Arabic than English. Any tips/advice would be much appreciated.

8. Better understanding of Islam. This really is down to how I act in front of her. I have realised that she picks up my good and bad habits. And if I want her to have a good understanding of the deen as well as exemplary character, then this requires me to change my bad characteristics. Something I’m trying to do but gosh its hard to change! Make dua for me.

9. Any topics that she takes interest in plus a few I have noted down. This year, I have realised that separate geopgraphy, science, history lessons just aint gonna happen! So, it will have to be a project at a time. A project can last about a week.

10. Improve in her cycling and swimming.

And thats about it!


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  1. Assalamu Alaikum, Looks like you are balancing it very well mashaAllah.
    May Allah enable you to excel in all areas-Ameen!
    Can you please tell me more about ‘first grade of the First Language Lessons Grammar Book’

    I am looking to follow something like that with mine.

    JazakhAllahu Khyran

    Umm Talha

  2. Assalamualaikum,
    MashaAllah a wonderful,inspiring blog!..How is the MEP programme? I’m really interested to know more.
    My daughter is yr2 and it may be the programme I’ve been looking for! How does it fit into your HS routine? I also have two younger ones, and have often found myself resorting to worksheets.Did you print out the cards from their website? wassalam

    • Walaikum assalam

      Jzk for your comment sis. We like the MEP programme and it really suits us. We ordered everything from them which came through in book form. The only things I use from the website are the lesson plans and posters. Hope this helps inshaAllah. x

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